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DC Information


full name: David "DC" Yeager Jr.
birthdate: June 15, 1976
nickname: DC (stands for Dazed & Confused; Sammy and Dallas gave it to him)
23 years old
from the southside of Youngstown, Ohio
didn't take his vocal talents seriously until his late teens
sang in talent shows and karaoke bars
lists Michael Jackson, Babyface, and Metallica as some of his inspirations
likes to play hackey or go rollerblading
also likes playing Playstation
was in Part Four (the fifth member) and when they broke up Dallas and him went on to create Youngstown
Best childhood memory: When I was in a play at the Youngstown Playhouse, "Babes in Toyland"
Person who has most influenced your life: My mother
Most embarrassing performing experience: I was on stage clapping to get the crowd pumped up when my ring flew off and hit someone in the crowd.
Odd nicknames, if you have them, and how you got them: D.C. - Dallas gave it to me. It stands for "Dazed & Confused." I forget things!
Describe the other guys in Youngstown: Sammy is the sensative jock. Dallas is the intense musical perfectionist.
favorite food: Burgers & fries
favorite time of day: Nighttime
favorite songwriter:Babyface
singing/performing since: 13 years old
most inspired by: Artists with longevity
favorite place to visit: Home
currently listening to: Sublime, I.C.P., Eminem, Dru Hill, Metallica, and Shania Twain
book:A Stephen King novel
movie:"Happy Gilmore,"
song:"Santeria" - Sublime
favorite sports: Golf and football
practice time: When we have a show or something we practice about 8 hours a day, 6 days a week.
What is the one essential item you take on tour? My laptop
Where you were when you first heard your song in public: The Disney Store
oddest place he's been recognized: WalMart

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