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Sammy Information


full name: Samuel Lopez Jr.
birthdate: September 8, 1977
favorite food: Lasagna
favorite time of day: Night
Fave songwriter: Babyface, Diane Warren, David Foster
Best childhood memory: Niagara Falls
Person who has most influenced your life: Uncle Danny
Been signing/playing an instrument since: 6 years old
Most inspired musically by: Michael Jackson
Favorite place to visit: Home
Who would you most like to meet - living or not: Michael Jordan
CDs in your player right now? Marc Anthony
Where you were when you first heard your song in public: The Disney Store in Virginia
What is the one essential item you take on tour? Deodorant
Sports you play: Basketball, football
Describe the other guys in Youngstown: Dallas - intense (perfectionist). D.C. - goofy
How long you practice (singing/instrument) every week: 5-6 hrs., 6 days a week
The oddest place you've been recognized: WalMart
Fave tune on "Let's Roll"? "Pedal to the Steel"
Favorite book: Bible
Favorite video:Michael Jordan - "Come Fly With Me"
Favorite song:"Dreamin" by Selena
21 years old
from Rochester, New York
considers his family the main reason for him making music
participated in youth choirs and sang solos in school
works out 5 days a week
has a passion for basketball
avid reader
joined the group after finding out they needed another member during a visit to his mother in Atlanta

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