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Dallas Information


full name: James Lee Dallas
birthdate: Febuary 7, 1975
mother calls him Jamie Lee
from Kansas City, Missouri
was a hip-hop dancer
self-described 'music-fiend' of the group
co-produced some of the songs on the album
can usually be found strumming at his guitar
was in Part Four and when they broke up DC and him went on to create Youngstown.
favorite food: taco bell
favorite time of day: sunset
favorite songwriter:Babyface, David Foster, Diane Warren
best childhood memory: First performance (5th Grade)
most influential person: Our manager
singing/performing since:5th grade
most inspired by: Love songs
favorite place to visit: There is something beautiful in every city.
currently listening to: Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit
instruments:Guitar, piano
Favorite book:"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff,"
Favorite movie:"Dumb & Dumber,"
Favorite song:"The Day" - Babyface
Favorite sports: Basketball, football, volleyball
practice time per week: Instrument - 2-4 hrs. Singing - 8 hrs.
What is the one essential item you take on tour? All my shoes
oddest place he's been recognized: WalMart
Where you were when you first heard your song in public: Best Western in Pittsburgh
favorite song on let's roll: Pedal To The Steel

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