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                                                                 Dallas Quotes:

"The three of us got together mearly by fate"

"Follow your dreams. Never let anybody tell you that you can't do anything. If you know what you wanna do, you just gotta be serious about it."

"When the three of us got together, I was just sitting at the keyboard, Dc would come along humming something, & Sammy wouldput in the lyrics & it was like 'Oh, We've got something here' "

"Okay, um briefly it was a snowball effect..." (About how the group got started)

"The name of our group is Youngstown because we wanted a name with a lot of meaning &Youngstown is the place where the three of us met & Youngstown is the place where the 3 of us got together"

"Youngstown by far to me has been the best thing that has happened in my life, meeting these guys"

"Before all of this happened, I was a pizza delivery driver, detailing cars, amusement parks......"

"He was very talented"  talking about DC

"She says 'We're just friends, we're just friends.'" talking about what Britney says about her and Prince William

"We Still mow lawns"

"This has definately been years in the making. Years of just really getting to know eachother. It didn't matter what we did before this. It just matters what's here now"

"First impression of DC when i met him was he's an amazing vocalist. Second impression is that he has a very short memory so I gave him the nickname 'Dazed & Confused' "

"It's actually the first single release from the album." on Pedal To The Steel

"Sammy's the church boy. He grew up going to church, singing in the gospal choir, so he's real quiet, real reserved. He likes to watch people, likes to pay attention to what everyone says"

"Sammy's like the younger brother that thinks he's older cuz in his family, he's the older brother but in this family, he's the younger brother."

"Basically, what we love, we try to put into our music."

"When we see our fans, it's like overwhelming & hard to believe that people know us. The only thing we can do is cherish every last second that we get of this."

"My mother calls me Jamie Lee. I wanted to write a song to let my mom know that even though she never made the most perfect decisions, I know she tried to do the best for us at all times," he reveals. "And that includes sacrificing her happiness to try to give us what she thought we needed."  ( about the song "Jamie Lee" )

                                                                        DC Quotes
"I like anything with drawstrings 'cause it's more comfortable. I like to dress comfortable & I like to have my shows pretty much math evertything."

"Dallas & I were in a group, um, previous to this one, & it like kinda fell through so Dallas & I decided to stick together & write & produce our own stuff. And um, we ended up meeting Sammy."

"I've heard of some people she's dating, some of them I know."

"Go get it, it's hot!" talking about going to buy the 'I'll Be Your Everything' single

"I sold appliances, limo driver! I worked the drive thru, I worked roofing, I worked at a steel mill."

"Just gonna let you know I'm runnin' this okay?"

"In my heart I think we will definitely be a great addition to the music world and hopefully make our way into yours as well."

"Y-town babee!"

"Gain weight, lose weight! There's a hole in the head. A donde...LOL"

"Nah, Rich got her, Rich got her hemmed up right now."  talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt

"We thank you for your support & as long as you guys stand behind us we'll always be there for you."

"We kept our heads up, we got out pens and pads, and we just kept doing it until we finally did it."

"So wait a minute, what was the questions again, I forgot. What WAS the question?"

"Basically anything that sounds good or decent will blow up over there."  talking about the European pop market

"It wasn't like we were put together, we did it ourselves."

"Sammy & I are like Frick & Frack cuz we share a room & it's like a closet so you like roll over & Sammy's right there ya know?!"

"Westlife, they're the Backstreet Boys of the UK."

"As long as some of our songs touch other people, that's cool with us, we just want to be onstage and watch people singing our songs. That would be the best feeling in the world."

                                                                        Sammy Quotes

"We started out as friends before we decided to just, ya know, create Youngstown"

"We didn't get to meet Britney yet, but we met her dancers."

"I did dry wall, I did carpet."

"What, stop that! Stop beating me!" (said in an English accent)

"Anything that moves me I enjoy."

"DC's really comical & Spontanious & just obnoxious."

"I hope the power doesn't go out on stage man."  talking about Y2K

"A donde! A donde!"

"I was like, 'Yo, I want to do music, so let's do this.'"

"He's really great, he's got great character, he's a great person, awsome talent, he's just gifted beyond belief."

"We pretty much hibernated ourselves for a good year and a half and just started writing and built our own little studio and just  started vibing."

"You guys aint funny! You OR You!!!!"

"We work really well together. Pretty much everything comes naturally."

" I grew up listening to latin music. Everyone in my family is Latin."

"That was the first song that we ever wrote together, we looked at each other like, 'Wow, we really have something here.' Every  time that song comes on, it brings back memories from when we first started out."

"What i love most about performing os the feedback we get from our fans"

"Everybody in my family was taught young to play an instrument. All of my cousins, my uncles, my parents, play instruments and sing. It rubbed off on me."

"Everyone has talents use them, apprecate them, and that will get you far in life."