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Our Opinions About Youngstown

                                                                    Shanen's Opinion

I Think all of the guys of YTown are sooooooo amazing. They vocalize beautifully together. I have so much to say about them but not everything is suitable for all ears (In a good way....That's just how my mind works...LOL. DC can freak me with his gadget anytime.....LOL. SEE!). I think that they have a long way to go & I'm happy for them. They're doing what they wanna do......SING! They all are down to earth & respect their fans. I like that. Not many celebs are like them nowadays. They act like themselves & aren't conceited! Their fist cd is the best & everytime I hear it, I crave for more! I love it. They all are so cool but DC is just my fave. I've realized we have more in common that I thought.....hee hee hee. I'd play games with him anytime, video games that is!! Like YAY. DC-Ya!!!

                                Julie's Opinion

Youngstown is my favorite group because I love their music, dance moves, & most importantly "DALLAS". LOL. Why is Dallas my favorite you might ask?! Well, honestly, I have no clue & I don't know. He's just very sweet, cute, & just about everything else I could ever want. Youngstown has a great future ahead of them & I with them the best of luck. Like YAY. DC-Ya!!!

                             Chelsea's Opinion

My favorite from Youngstown is Sammy. I always seem to be attracted to the shy, sweet, religious guys of the group. Also, his Latino background doesn't hurt one bit!!!! Gentlemen are always welcome. My only request for change within the group is that Sammy get more "Solos". I love his bass voice, I love him, & I love Youngstown.