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Song Dedications

    Hey YTown fans! If there was one song you could dedicate to a member of Youngstown (or the whole group), what song would it be & why would you pick that song? Do you want to see your song posted on our page? Well here's your chance. This is what we need from you:

    Your name:
    Song Dedication: (if you want, name the artist singing the song)
    Which Member:
    Reason why you chose that song:

Send all your e-mail to:
That's my (Shanen's) e-mail.

                    Song Dedications Below

Name: Shanen Bellew
Song: "Can't Help Myself" by Nobody's Angel
Which member: All of the guys
Reason for the song: Well, because 'I just can't help myself, I'm falling in love with matter what they say, no matter what they do......Just give me a chance & I know I'll make you understand'. It's a great song & the words totally express how I feel. I'll post the lyrics to the whole song later!
Shanen's other song: "Amnesia" by Chumbawamba
Which member:  DC
Reason for song: Because the words in the chorus remind me of him all the way!!!  "Do you suffer from long term memory loss? I don't remember......"

Name: Julie Roesbery
Song: "This I Promise You" by Nsync
Which member: Dallas
Reason for the song: It's my favorite song & because he seems like a great guy. I'd never break any of my promises to him....Never!!!

Name:  Chelsea Scales
Song:  "Where You Are" by Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Which member: Sammy
Reason for song: If there was one song I could do with Sammy as a duet, this song would be it.

Name: Darci
Song: "Love for all Seasons"  by Christina Aguilera
Which Member: DC
Reason for Song: Because "Ill be your rain in the summer, the chill in your fall, ill be what
you want anything at all"

(Shanen's Note: grrrrrrrrr....Just kidding. I love the DC fans! I'm not a hater!)

Name: Yia L. Xiong
Song: "If you steal my sunshine" by Len
Which member: Dallas
Reason for song: He would never steal my sunshine because if he did, he'd be in big trouble.....ha ha ha (Joke)

Name: Shannon markel (It's a guy!!)
Song: "pretty fly for a white guy" by the Offspring
Which member: DC & Dallas
Reason for song: Cuz they are pretty fly for white guys!

(Shanen's note: That's kinda funny because Shannon M. is a  really WHITE guy!!!!)

Name:  Melissa Jones
Song:  "Candy" by Mandy Moore
Which member: Sammy
Reason for song: I chose 'Candy' because he could lick me up like candy

(Shanen's note again: HEY! That's my kind of answer. Klepto!!!)

Name: Sabbz
Song: "Back that thang up" by Juv.
Which member: All of them
Reason for song: because they should all do it more often!!!

Name: Tia Murray
Song: "I Wanna love You forever" by Jessica Simpson
Which member: Sammy
Reason for song:  They are so hot & I will love him forever

Name: Jessica Preston
Song: "U drive me Crazy" by Nsync
Which member: All of them
Reason for song:  Thinkin' bout them 24/7 makes me crazy.

Name: Nikki Thompkins
Song: "I'll never break your heart"  by the Backsreet boys  
Which member: DC  (Shanen's note again: OH really.......grrrr.....Joke)
Reason: He seems so sweet & I hope he never breaks Shanen's heart. Hope you can go *hint hint*

(Shanen's note: Nikki! You are such a sweetie! Thanx so much. You really didn't have to say that. That just brightened my day!!!!)

Name: Keira Jobs
Song: "Crazy" by Britney Spears
Which member: All of them
Reason for song: I'm so into them, they drive me crazy!!!

Name: Tara Jenkins
Song: "E-mail My Heart" by Britney Spears
Which member: Dallas
Reason for song: Because I think the only way I could get in touch by him is e-mail & it would go straight to my heart!

Name: DJ. JamiE Redson
Song: "All I want is you" By Christina Aguilera
Which member: All of 'em
Reason for song: Because I want is permission from my boss to let me play their songs on the radio

Name: Heidi Odom
Song: Digital Getdown (Because She's my (Shanen) best friend & she's a pervert too....LOL)
Which Member: Sammy
Reason for song: We could hit it up on the phone or on the digital screen