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  You can contact all of us on the YT Street Team List. We are members! Website for the YT Street team will be added shortly.

Contact Shanen: (DC Fan)

E-mail me at: or
(If you mail my yahoo mail, I'm more likely to get it faster)
AOL instant messager: KirkyChrisK or ILuvDCsGadget (I mostly use my kirky one)
Yahoo Messager: Shanenk

  Contact Julie: (Dallas Fan)

E-mail me at:
AOL instant messager: Alwayzluvnjustin OR Pixiesync (I mostly use my Alwayz one)

  Contact Chelsea: (Sammy Fan)

E-mail me at:
AOL Instant messager: Tiachels

   Contact Amy: (All Fan)

E-mail me at:
AOL Instant Messager: SummerGirl949

Contact Youngstown:

c/o Hollywood records
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521