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Chat Transcripts
We have many chats.  Below are  7 different chats.  If you have any chats that we don't have, please send them. We will give you full credit. Here are the Chats we have:

Zoog Disney #1
Zoog Disney #2
Zoog Disney (Valentines Day)
HipOnline Chat
Jenny Jones Chat
Joe Biz Chat
Youngstown interviewing themselves

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                    CHAT TRANSCRIPT FROM ZOOG Chat #1

Zoogerator: Youngstown is the hot new group...three guys making great music!
ZOOGERATOR: Why don't the three of you guys introduce yourselves by name to the fans online?
DALLAS: Hello! I'm Dallas!
DC: Hi! I'm D.C.!
SAMMY: Hey, Sammy here. How is everybody doing at Zoog?
ZOOGGREYHOST: Do you have any pets?
DC: Yes! I have a dog named Samurai! We call him Sammy for short. He's a mutt.
KATIECATZOOG11: Are you popular in your hometown?
DALLAS: I would say yes.
CASSIDYCASSIDY: How old are you guys?
SAMMY: I am 21.
DC: Oops, I'm 23!
ZEENY: I love the Go Go Gadget song.
SAMMY: Thank you so much.
SAMMY: We love you.
NICKS_SWEETIE1: How did you make up your group Youngstown??
DALLAS: Basically, we were all doing separate things in music. We met a mutual friend in Youngstown and thought that would be a good go by.
EZGUEST139: The first time I saw you guys on Disney, I immediately fell in love with you!!!!!
DALLAS: [hee hee]
DC: That's so sweet.
EZGUEST139: Will you be coming to Houston, Texas, anytime soon?
DALLAS: We will be coming everywhere sometime soon.
SAMMY: Youngstown will be in your town soon.
CASSIDYCASSIDY: Who is your inspiration?
DALLAS: My inspiration is a lot of early '80s rock: Babyface, Prince, Michael Jackson.
DALLAS: I like listening to Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit.
SAMMY: I liked Michael Jackson growing up and Stevie Wonder.
SAMMY: Anybody with longevity in the music industry.
DC: I liked Michael Jackson, Sublime, and people with longevity!
SPORTYSPICE: Have you had any concerts yet?
DC: Just the Disney Channel's PremEars in the Park.
ZACHPNWOZOOG: What sports do you like?
DALLAS: Football, basketball.
DC: Golf.
Sammy: Basketball, football, and that is about it. Volleyball, too!
DALLAS: Volleyball, too!
EMCW: Who is, like your main singer, or the head singer of the group, if you have one?
DALLAS: We don't really have a leader. If two like it, then the other one is out.
DALLAS: You gotta go with what the other two say!
MISTERIA66: Hey Youngstown, did you ever meet the Backstreet Boys?
DALLAS: No! But we would like to! They seem like nice guys!
GADGET_GIRL: Where are all of you from originally?
SAMMY: Rochester, New York.
DALLAS: Kansas City, MO.
DC: Youngstown, OH.
JR99: Dallas, D.C., and Sammy, your music is great. I hope your music stays around for a long time and right now you're my favorite group. You are way better than 'N Sync
and Five. You’re the best! -- from your biggest fan ever, chat later from friends in Port Orchard.
DALLAS & DC: Thanks!!!
SAMMY: Thank you so much and we hope that our music will stay out there as long as possible. As long you guys listen to it, we will keep bringing it to you.
CHEVAUX19: What do you guys think of all the attention you are getting?
DALLAS: We're overwhelmed!
SAMMY: It is great ... we are overwhelmed.
DC: It is very weird.
ABSFAN4EVER: What is it like to be famous?
DALLAS: It hasn't hit us yet. We don't really consider ourselves famous.
SAMMY: Yeah, it hasn't yet.
DC: We're just doing what we enjoy doing and we're enjoying it!
DC: It's weird in a good way.
BSBBABE1649: What is your favorite gadget?
SAMMY: Helicopter.
DC & DALLAS: Helicopter!
NICKS_SWEETIE!: Do you guys miss home a lot?
SAMMY: Very much.
DC: Most definitely. It's so hard to get back because every day is a different itinerary.
ZELDA1232: Did you like making the video for the song? Because this song was the bomb! HI
SAMMY: We loved doing was a lot of fun.
SAMMY: We are glad you liked it...thank you.
DC: It was our first video. It's amazing to see how it goes down and behind the scenes.
GADGET_GIRL: What kind of music do you guys like listening to?
SAMMY: Anything that is catchy.
DALLAS: Right now, Kid Rock, Babyface, Brian McKnight.
SAMMY: Anything from country to classic to alternative.
DC: Metallica, Backstreet, 'N Sync, we listen to the new "Millennium" album all the time.
ZOOGERCHIC2000: Your song is amazing, and so is the video. Do you plan on having an album?
SAMMY: Yes, September 14.
DALLAS: Yes, early fall.
DALLAS: It's called "Let's Roll."
VIKINGFAM100: What's your favorite food?
SAMMY: Lasagna.
DC: Junk food -- McDonald's.
DALLAS: I'm with DC on that.
NICKS_SWEETIE1: Guys, I love your music. Can you say hi to me???
SAMMY: What's up, Nick's sweetie?
DALLAS: Helloooo, Nick's sweetie!
DC: What's the dilly?!!
COTTER28: What were you doing before Disney got you to do "I'll Be Your Everything"?
SAMMY: Recording an album.
DALLAS: Recording an album and just basically trying to get out there.
DALLAS: We got blessed.
CRAZY7055176: Hi. Are you planning to do a world tour soon? Thanx.
DALLAS: We would love to. It depends on the fans!
ZOOGERTARAN: Hello Youngstown. My name is zoogertaran. I am your No. 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SAMMY: We love you.
DALLAS: Hello to our No. 1 fan!
DC: Hi!
GADGET_GIRL: Dallas, DC, and Sammy...I just wanted to say your voices are awesome, your dance moves are awesome, and I can't wait to see you guys in concert! YOU ALL
ROCK! Keep up the great work :-)
DALLAS: Thank you!
DC: We can't wait to see you!
SAMMY: We can't wait to have you come out and see us!
SUNSHINE1526: Where did you get those cool dance moves?
DALLAS: A girl, our choreographer, her name is Keely Armistead, and Adam and Marty.
CRAZYKAT9: Most groups only have one or two cute people in them but all three of you are cute. Do you guys fight a lot?
DALLAS: We fight like brother. We've lived together for the past three years...
SAMMY: We argue...we debate.
DALLAS: So it's like that brotherly thing.
DALLAS: We'd still be hanging out if we didn't live together all the time.
ZOOGASHNICOLE: Did u ever think that u would become famous?
DALLAS: It was a dream, but we didn't think it would happen this fast.
SAMMY: This soon...yeah.
DC: I always wanted to do music.
VERONICA1089: Hi. Are you, like, impressed that you guys have, like, made it this far in music? And have all these people love you so much and like, love your music and, like,
you got to come on this chat on Zoog Disney and all these people talk to you...does that, like impress you?
SAMMY: Like, it really does, you know.
SAMMY: Like, really.
DALLAS: Like, it totally does.
DC: Like, it's totally cool. Wow.
DMZOOGER: Do you like to be a part of Disney?
DC: Yeah, love it!
SAMMY: Yeah, love it!
SAMMY: Oh, is a dream come true.
MILLI2000BSBZOOG: What kind of students were you in school?
SAMMY: Very, very quiet.
DALLAS: Oh, wow. I didn't do so well in school. I was occupied with music.
DC: I was a class clown but was fairly decent in schoolwork.
DALLAS: I was a straight A student my junior year, though.
PUPPIO: Do you have any siblings?
DALLAS: One older brother and two older sisters. I'm the baby.
DC: I'm an only child.
SAMMY: I have four brothers and three sisters...including myself.
KATZROC: Oh, I went and saw "Inspector Gadget," and I can say that I am your biggest fan. All my siblings (three) can safely say that!
DC: [laughs]
DALLAS: [laughs] Thank you.
DOROTHY2951: Hey DC, it's your cousin from Canada. When are you coming here?
DC: Oh, my! I cannot believe you're online!
DC: I'm not sure, but I'll get a hold of you!!!
DC: Love you!
NIKKI909: Which one of you has blond hair????
DALLAS: Now, two of us! Dallas and DC.
BBALL1299: How would you each describe yourself?
DALLAS: I'm a perfectionist. Sincere and honest.
DALLAS: and loving.
SAMMY: Sincere, humble, lovable, and flirtatious.
DC: I am a respectful comedic,
DALLAS: and obnoxious.
DC: Yeah, obnoxious.
NSYNCZOOGER68: You'll be famous quick.
DC: Well, thank you!
CASSIDYCASSIDY: Do you guys play any instruments?
DALLAS: I play guitar and piano.
SAMMY: I play drums and keyboard.
DC: If you consider video games instruments, yes.
ZOOGERMAL6: I would like to say that Sammy is so fine!!!!!!!!
SAMMY: Thank you so much.
SAMMY: I am overwhelmed by that comment.
CASSIDYCASSIDY: How would you suggest that I get into the music industry?
SAMMY: Learn the business.
DALLAS: Stay dedicated and work hard. Everybody gets their chance if they're real about it.
SAMMYGIRL46: Do you have any bad habits?
DALLAS: I'm a compulsive shoe shopper.
DC: I'm addicted to the Internet.
SAMMY: Compulsive shopper...I like to spend money.
EZGUEST365: What do you look for in a girl?
DALLAS: Loyalty, honesty, sense of humor, definitely.
SAMMY: Spiritual, sense of humor, spontaneous once in a while, and very cuddleable.
DALLAS: They gotta love hugs and kisses all the time.
DC: Sense of humor.
AZOOGALWAYZ: If you had to write a song about each of yourselves, what would the three titles be?
DALLAS: "Love to love You, Baby."
DC: (thinking) That's a hard one. I don't know!
DALLAS: DC's would be "Wasting Time Away."
SAMMY: "Take My Time."
DC: Sammy's would be "Break an Ankle"
SAMMY: I mean...."Time."
ZOOGKRISTA90: Did you ever think that you would have a song on a movie soundtrack?
SAMMY: No...not this soon.
DALLAS: Not on Disney, it's a blessing.
TRUELOVE131: Do you ever feel cheated out of a normal childhood?
DALLAS: Absolutely, all the time. I got into music seriously at a young age.
DALLAS: I lost out on a lot of childhood-type things.
SAMMYGIRL46: If you could change on thing about yourselves what would it be and why?
SAMMY: My weakness for women.
SAMMY: [laughs]
DALLAS: I would say...I'm not sure. I've changed so much about myself over the years...
DALLAS: I'm comfortable in my skin.
DC: I don't know! I would change my sleeping habits!
ZACZGIRLIE: If you could spend a day with one celebrity...who would it be?
DC: Jim Carrey.
SAMMY: Michael Jordan.
DALLAS: Jennifer Love Hewitt.
SAMMY: I would play ball all day.
AJZOOGER13: Are you single?
DC: Yes, of course.
TILT2002: Do you watch cartoons?
SAMMY: Oh yeah.
DC: When we have a chance.
DALLAS: I grew up watching "Inspector Gadget."
SAMMY: Disney cartoons!
ZOOTHARA71: Hi. My names Ashley and I'm like, sooo in love with you guys and your music. When I first saw your video I fell in love with each and every one of you. When I
found out that you were going to be online I started to jump up and down!!!!!
DALLAS: We're glad you came on to talk to us!
DC: Stop jumping and thank you!
SAMMY: Thank you so much. I really appreciate the fact that you like our music and we look forward to hearing from you again.
MADCAT1115: What are some of the songs you are working on right now?
SAMMY: For our second album.
DALLAS: Actually, we're working on some ballads for our second album
DALLAS: We're also working on some more rock-oriented ups.
GADGET_GIRL: I hope this gets through -- D.C., I just want to say that you sang great in "I"ll Be Your Everything" and danced great too... Oh, gosh ....and umm I also want to
say that you are sooooo cute! Gosh, I'm blushing just telling you this...LOL.
DC: You are so cute! I just don't know what to say! Thanks!
BABYBLUELUVER0: Will you marry me, Dallas???? I love you sooo much!
DALLAS: It's a possibility!
POINTOFGRACE31: Hey, what is your fave song to perform?
DALLAS & DC: "Pedal to the Steel."
SAMMY: "Pedal to the Steel."
CASSIDYCASSIDY: What is your favorite movie ever?
SAMMY: "The Goonies."
DALLAS: Wow. That's hard!
DALLAS: I think I'd have to say "Grease."
DC: "Austin Power" and "Happy Gilmore" are my two faves right now.
EZGUEST139: I'm listening to your single right now! When does the whole album come out?
SAMMY: September 14.
EZGUEST139: I recorded you on Movie Surfers and your music video. I watch it all of the time! You seem like REALLY cool guys!
DALLAS: Thank you! We are!
SAMMY: Definitely.
EZGUEST139: Your dance moves are great and I'm doing pretty good at learning them. I love to dance and I've taken it since I was 2 1/2. What is a good dancing school to go
DALLAS: We've never really taken dance classes, so I don't know. Keep doing what you're doing.
SAMMY: Keep trying...stay at it...I know you will do well.
DC: That's how we started, taping videos.
CHATTIEPIE: I live in Youngstown, and I was wondering if you guys are coming to Youngstown or anywhere near here anytime soon for a concert?
DALLAS: I'm sure we probably will. It would be the right thing to do!
DC: We were just in Pittsburg, and we stopped and did a radio show in Youngstown.
MOFFATTHANSONGAL: What was your reaction when you first saw your video on Disney?
DC: It was awesome.
SAMMY: Yeah, it was.
SAMMY: Very nice.
DALLAS: It's a great feeling to see that your hard work is payin off.
RUFUS_GIRL: Do u ever get homesick?
SAMMY: Yes, definitely.
DC: All the time.
DALLAS: Homesick now as we speak.
JSTKIDIN01: I'm so happy that you guys have become as famous as you have in such a fast time! I just want to say I am a big fan and will always be there as one of your
biggest fans! I wish you the best of luck in the future!!
SAMMY: Great ... thank you so much.
DC: Thanks! That's great.
DALLAS: Thank you!
PUPPIO: Have you been to Disney World?
DALLAS: Never.
SAMMY: Yes, six times!
DC: Nope.
ZOOGERATOR: What about Disneyland?
DALLAS: We're not about to do a whole month of shows in Disneyland, the whole month of September.
DALLAS: We'll be there for two shows on August 2.
SAMMY: Two shows that day.
DC: On Tuesday we'll be at Irvine Meadows.
SAMMY: I love you, too. Thank you so much.
CJOHNSTON3: If you weren't singing right now, what would you think you would be doing?
SAMMY: Can't imagine myself not singing.
DALLAS: I don't think I can imagine doing anything else.
DC: If I had to choose, I think it would be something in motion pictures -- writing or something.
ANNIE0012: I love your song "I'll Be Your Everything." Was making the awesome video fun?
SAMMY: Oh, yes, very much!
DALLAS: Yes, it was. Very exciting.
KGRL03: Hey, I'm Kaylee and I just wanna say I love you guys!!! Your music is great!!!!! I can't wait till your CD comes out. I'll be the first to get it!!! I don't know what else to
say ... umm, you guys are incredibly talented (and also very HOT!! ")) and I wish you all the best!
DALLAS: Thank you very much!
SAMMY: Thank you so much.
DC: Thanks for your support!!
AMBER9026: D.C., are you the class clown of the group?
DC: Yes, I am. Thank you for asking.
DANIELLEHOL: Hey, your music is so hot. All my friends heard you before I did, but when I saw the song it was so great. -- Danielle, age 7
DALLAS: Wow, thank you!
DC: Thanks!
SAMMY: WOW! Thank you so much Danielle ... we love you.
NICKS_SWEETIE1: Do you like traveling on the road??
SAMMY: Love it!
DALLAS: Love it! It was our first time out with Disney Channel's PremEars in the Parks and we had a blast.
BSBZOOGER144: DO you plan on having a Web site or do you already have one??
DC: Yeah, look us up on Hollywood Records.
DOROTHY2951: Hey, Youngstown, I'd just like to say you are the best and I have a pic of you guys in front of, I think, Dallas' house and I'm just so proud you made it this far!!
I love you guys and especially my cousin, DC!! You rock!! :o)
SAMMY: Thank you, Dorothy.
DALLAS: Thanks! We can't wait to meet you!
CASS: Are you three best friends?
SAMMY: Very much so.
DALLAS: Absolutely. Brothers.
DC: Yeah.
SAMMY: Not biological, but very close.
DC: When we feel like it.
RAINBOW3333: Youngstown, you are my favorite band.
SAMMY: You are our favorite fan.
ZOOGERBOBBI09: Hey Youngstown, my daughter thinks you kick!
DALLAS: Tell her thanks!
SAMMY: Thank you.
LANCEROKS927: Hi guys! I love your music video! Is it hard to learn those dance moves? And do you guys like dancing? Ama:)
DALLAS: We love to dance!
SAMMY: It was a lot of fun, and with practice it came out really good.
DALLAS: It came easier than even we expected it to. It's actually something that we found out we're good at.
TRIXIZOOG: Please let this be read!! Sammy ... my friend thinks the world of you. Would you ever date a fan, or marry one for that matter???
SAMMY: I guess I will just have to meet you some day.
BOZO210: How long have you been together?? I love you!!!
SAMMY: 3 1/2 years.
DALLAS: We've been together 3 1/2 years and we love you more!
NSYNCLOVA5: D.C., "I'll be your everything baby!"
DALLAS: And we'll be yours!
SAMMY: That's cool ... we'll be yours.
DC: We'll be yours, too!
OKORLEY: Have your friends/family treated you any differently now that you have gotten big?
SAMMY: Yeah ... very proud and very happy.
DALLAS: Yes, they are very proud of us! Almost too proud!
SAMMY: Very supportive.
SAMMY: VERY supportive!
DC: Yes!
J13MIC: What would be the best place that you could visit with your singing career?
SAMMY: I would love to go to Hawaii ... everywhere!
DC: It's hard to choose. We want to see the world and do our thing everywhere.
DALLAS: I agree with DC.
KATZROC: Your album is coming out seven days before my birthday!!!
DC: Well, if we don't talk to you then, happy birthday!!!
SAMMY: Yeah ... happy early birthday. Mine is the 8th ... Happy Birthday ... Virgo!
STEPHANIE78: HEY guys, I think you guys are very talented, and I wish you much success, and I want you to know that I love you guys so very much!! Wish I could meet you
guys someday!
DC: Thanks!
DALLAS: I hope we can meet you someday, too!
SAMMY: Thank you so much. Can't wait to meet you.
FUNKYFLY ZOOG: Please read this! I love you guys espec: u DC. When are all your b-days??
DC: June 15.
DALLAS: February 7.
SAMMY: September 8.
ZOOGERATOR: What did you do before this?
DALLAS: I was a pizza delivery driver.
SAMMY: I was a waiter.
DC: I sold video equipment.
SHYSTAR21: Who is like the big brother of the group?
DC: Our manager.
SAMMY: Our manager.
DALLAS: I tend to be the "Come on guys, put down the computer and turn off the TV" guy.
LANCEROKS: I love you guys and I don't know how many times I've typed this question, but when are you coming to Seattle? I want to be the first to get your tickets? Luv Ya,
SAMMY: Soon, we are now sure.
DC: If we could, we'd be there tomorrow.
ZOOGERATOR: Ah! Our time has come to an end. Any last advice for the fans online?
DALLAS: Follow your dreams. Never let anybody tell you that you can't do anything.
DALLAS: If you know what you wanna do, you just gotta be serious about it.
SAMMY: Everyone has talents. Use them, appreciate them, and that will get you far in life.
DC: We thank you for your support and as long as you guys stand behind us we'll always be here for you.
ZOOGERATOR: Well thanks, guys from YOUNGSTOWN! You were so great to join us here in the Zeethatorium!
ZOOGERATOR: And you can vote for their video on the Top 5 Countdown ... "I'll Be Your Everything."
ZOOGERATOR: Check them out in the Rad Groover section of the In Concert Area at

                        Chat Transcript from Zoog Chat #2

ZOOGERATOR: OK, everyone! This will be one awesome chat!
    And we are talking AWESOME, STELLAR, and every other GREAT WORD I can think of!Woo hoo! Let's hear it for the hot new group YOUNGSTOWN!!! Woo hoo!
    LDYCAT13: Bring on the Youngstown hunks.
    ZOOGERATOR: Yes, Woo hoo! Very shortly Zoogers! Just a few minutes now... like maybe eight minutes! Woo hoo! Just a few more minutes til YOUNGSTOWN
    gets here! Let's get pumped, let's get psyched! Woo hoo! OK, I think i hear something in the distance... I'll bet I know who it is! Are you all ready? Because I sure
    am! OK, let's get ready. Just a matter of STELLAR SECONDS. Let's welcome YOUNGSTOWN!!!!! Let's introduce each member... First we have Sammy!
    SAMMY: Hey, how are you all doing? This is Sammy. Hey all you guys out there logging on.
    ZOOGERATOR: Next we have DC.
    SAMMY: This is Sammy, ready to talk!
    D.C.: Hey, what's up everybody? Hugs and kisses.
    ZOOGERATOR: Last but not least, we have DALLAS!!!!!!
    DALLAS: Hello, and much love to everybody out there.
    ZOOGERATOR: Lots of questions for all of you guys!!!!
    SWEET_STUFF990: Dallas, will you marry me?
    DALLAS: If you send some ID, birth certificate, and state that you live in.
    KATMVNC98: Hi Youngstown, I live like 45 minutes from Youngstown, OH. I was wondering what you think of famous people coming from small towns?
    D.C.: I think it's cool that they found their way out of a small town. When you have such a big dream, coming from a small place like that. JEVATRI: What sports
    do you like?
    SAMMY: I like basketball, football, just about everything. Tennis is cool. I love to play basketball.
    D.C.: I'm a big football and golf fan.
    DALLAS: I like football, rugby, and the Ultimate Fighting Championships.
    KRISTEN31882: I have waited all day for this!
    YOUNGSTOWN: Thank you so much.
    LYNDSEYB04: Hi guys!! How are you? If you were to look in your CD player right now, what would be playing? Lindsey, Alabama
    DALLAS: Kid Rock.
    SAMMY: Brian McKnight.
    D.C.: I got the new Adam Sandler CD.
    JEVATRI: What are your favorite movies?
    SAMMY: I like "Dumb and Dumber".
    D.C.: "Ace Ventura".
    DALLAS: "The Lion King" was da bomb.
    SAMMY: "Prince of Egypt" was cool, too.
    BBALLGRRL: Hey guys! What is your favorite song on the album and why?
    SAMMY: "Pedal to the Steel".
    DALLAS: That's the one song we fought for to be on our album. It's there and it gets a lot of love.
    YOUNGSTOWNGIRL: I SAW YOUR VERY FIRST VIDEO FOR "I'll Be Your Everything" and it was luv at first site.
    SAMMY: Awwwwww
    SPORTY_007: Hi, my name is Ashley. I just wanna tell you that ya'll are really cute! And you have super voices! My question is: How did you come up with your
    name and what are your names?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Our names our Sammy, Dallas and D.C. and we basically came up with the name because we wanted a name that 10 years from now we wouldn't
    be embarassed to have. We started thinking about the '80s groups like Boston, Chicago and Kansas.
    ZOOGERINI: How did you guys start your singing careers?
    DALLAS: We all grew up singing and met other people who loved singing. You just get together and start working.
    YOUNGSTOWNGIRL: When r u going on tour on your own and not for Disney? Could you at least come to Sacramento, CA? Cuz our town is too small and
    Sacramento, CA, is only an hour away.
    SAMMY: We can't wait to go on our own tour.
    D.C.: Sometime into the new year.
    DALLAS: Probably February.
    DANCERSCS: Hey Youngstown! It was my birthday last monday and i asked for your CD. I got it and it's great!
    SAMMY: Right on. Happy belated birthday!
    KRISTEN31882: Youngstown, first off i wanna tell ya'll that i'm 18 and from Virginia. I totally dig you guys. I have liked you since June and when I brought your
    single to school and all my friends were like who's that? Now they all listen. I want to know... where did you guys start? And who's the biggest flirt?
    DALLAS: I think we're all pretty much flirts. Our first show we ever did was here, for the record label.
    SAMMY: It was the Monster Musicfest.
    BIGGESTFIVEFAN: I love your new song "I'll Be Your Everything" and I was wondering how long it took you to write it?
    DALLAS: We didn't write it.
    KENDRA_321: When some people meet you they are probably speechless... who is one person that if given the chance to meet would make you totally
    SAMMY: I don't know.
    DALLAS: God.
    D.C.: I never actually met her, but i saw her... Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    FREAKMARIE13: Do you like to travel?
    SAMMY: Jennifer Lopez.
    DALLAS: We could do without the plane. It's fun to travel, you get to see all different cultures.
    DALLAS: We could do without the plane. It's fun to travel. You get to see all the different cultures.
    DANCERSCS: Hi Youngstown! I love you guys! Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the singing business?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Talk to as many people as you can. Sing whenever you can. Never give up.
    DALLASFOREVER: I heard you guys were going to be doing a concert on Disney Channel. Is this true? And when?
    DALLAS: We are going to do the show in November, it will be aired in February. With a group called Steps.
    BIGGESTFIVEFAN: I love you Dallas! I was wondering if you have a girlfriend?
    DALLAS: No, I don't. Would you please be my girlfriend?
    DOREMIDGE494: Do u like to talk to so many people at one time??
    YOUNGSTOWN: We love to. We'd talk to everyone if we could.
    FREAKMARIE13: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you??
    DALLAS: In Sweden, there were 20 girls that from the time we got off the plane to the time we left, they were outside our hotel.
    SAMMY: They were everywhere.
    KENDRA_321: How does it feel to know that so many people admire you?
    SAMMY: Really overwhelming.
    DALLAS: A couple of times it will get scary when the girls get into fights.
    JEVATRI: DALLAS, why did you dye your hair blonde? Personally i liked it the other.
    DALLAS: Well, because with the way my personality is, the black just didn't fit. I've always been blonde, i just tried it black for a few seconds.
    STEPHANIE624: Is Youngstown gonna be on today?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Yes, we're here!!!
    SAMMY: Estamos aqui.
    DALLASFOREVER: If you weren't in Youngstown, what would you be doing?
    YOUNGSTOWN: We'd still be sitting back in Youngstown, OH, in a basement writing songs.
    D.C.: I'd be selling washers and dryers.
    DALLASFOREVER: How do each of you describe the other group members?
    DALLAS: D.C. is the comedy guy. He makes us laugh. Sammy is serious and thinks he can play basketball, but he really can't. All of us are pretty sincere honest
    SAMMY: D.C. is the more comical one. Dallas is the intense one.
    D.C.: I agree.
    JEVATRI: Who gets the most fan mail?
    D.C.: I'm the only one with online service, so I would say it's me.
    NANA1262: Do you guys ever get homesick?
    SAMMY: Once in a while, yeah.
    ZOOGERATOR: What do you miss about Youngstown?
    DALLAS: I get homesick because I only go home once a year.
    D.C.: I miss my family.
    DALLAS: I miss Kansas City, where i'm from. I miss my mom. I miss watching my sisters argue over stupid stuff.
    HEATHER12584: Hey Youngstown, I love you guys so much and you are my inspiration. Who is yours? -heather
    YOUNGSTOWN: Our inspirations range from a long list: Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Garth Brooks. Just people who make a major impact
    on music.
    AJANDNICK: What part of Youngstown are you guys from, because i live in Clumbina?
    YOUNGSTOWN: South side.
    LAURA1219: So, do you like being on the road?
    DALLAS: We love to travel. We wouldn't be in this type of work if we didn't like travelling.
    SAMAZOO: If you could be another member of the group for one day who would it be and why?
    YOUNGSTOWN: I would be D.C., just to figure out why he gets amused by the smallest things in the world.
    DALLAS: That was me talking.
    SAMMY: Definently D.C.
    JENLOVSJUSTIN: Hey guys, how does it feel to be famous and going from virtually unknown to being known by thousands? Dallas, I'm from Kansas City, and i was
    just wondering what part you were from?
    DALLAS: I lived in Claycomo and also around Liberty. It actually didn't happen overnight. It's been 10 years. As for feeling famous, we get up in the morning like
    everyone else does.
    KELLY2683: Hey D.C., word got around that you were here tonight, so I thought I'd pop in and say Hi. I finally got the CD, it's awesome! Talk to ya later, Kelly!
    BRINK1475: I love that song "I'll Be Your Everything".
    ILLNEVER: I don't know if my question will get through but I though I'd let you know that I really can't wait to see you in concert or opening for someone...LOL
    YOUNGSTOWN: We really can't wait to let you see us. We can't wait for everyone to see us!
    NANA1262: This is for you D.C.: Do you ever get bored on the road?
    D.C.: No, because I amuse myself most of them time. I'll sit there and flip a piece of paper for a while and I'm happy. But I do bring video games and my
    computer with me on the road all the time.
    DALLAS: No, we don't have girlfriends.
    MUSICLUVER_14: Hi Youngstown! Wow, I'm SO excited! It's hard to breathe. Ummm, my questions are, do any of you have girlfriends (because you're all
    gorgeous!) And how old are each of you?
    DALLAS: I'm 24.
    SAMMY: I'm 22
    D.C.: I'm 23, and thank you for the compliment.
    SWEET_STUFF99: What do you guys like to do for fun?
    DALLAS: I like to go to the movies, play video games, sleep. We like to date when we get the chance.
    ZOOGERATOR: Do you sing in the shower?
    SAMMY: Yes, we do!
    ZOOGERATOR: What are your favorite foods?
    D.C.: Because the acoustics are better in the shower.
    DALLAS: I like all Italian food.
    D.C.: I like my mother's city chicken and twice-baked potatoes.
    SAMMY: I like food, period.
    BBALLGRRL: Do you guys feel obligated to be role models now that you have hit "stardom"?
    YOUNGSTOWN: I don't think we feel obligated. We just try to be the best people we can be. For the most part, we're just ourselves.
    DALLASFOREVER: I have a question for Youngstown. First of all, you guys are amazing, I love you all. Dallas, I love you. With all the other boybands currently out
    there, how do you feel you are different from Backstreet, 'Nsync or 98 Degrees?
    DALLAS: That's not really our position to say whether or not we're different. We just leave it up for our fans to decide.
    MEGATIGHT: Who were your inspirations growing up, and why?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Elvis Presly.
    DALLAS: Michael Jackson. Journey.
    D.C.: Yeah, Michael Jackson.
    DALLAS: Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC
    KELLY_TEE: Hey YOUNGSTOWN, what does "I'm living my life through your eyes" mean?
    YOUNGSTOWN: The song is actually about a person living for the person they're in love with. I'm living for what you want me to do. I'm a part of you, you're a part
    of me.
    KALE12: Do you guys play pranks on each other?
    DALLAS: All the time. D.C. gives it a lot.
    D.C.: When he's in the shower, I'll set up a rig outside the bathroom door.
    PEOPLEPERSON: How do you guys feel about doing the hit song for "Inspector Gadget" (sorry if I spelt that wrong)?
    ZOOGERME4U: Did you ever think you'd be on Disney before the movie??
    YOUNGSTOWN: We feel like it was a blessing. The oppportunity for us to be seen by everyone and to be attached to a cartoon we saw growing up. When people
    search for record deals, the last company they think they'll be on is a Disney label.
    ZOOGERATOR: How did Disney find you?
    YOUNGSTOWN: We actually got a call from someone saying they had a record deal for us. We didn't believe them, so we said I quit the group.
    KEN0016: Do people, friends, and family treat you the same after you got famous?
    YOUNGSTOWN: But it turned out to be the real deal.
    D.C.: It's kinda different. Our parents are overly proud. It's cool.
    DALLAS: I have nine days off for Christmas, but I'm going to my mom's work to sign autographs and my sister's school.
    D.C.: Our friends are pretty much the same now. We did get a few people who came out of the woodwork.
    SAMMIE1997: Why do you guys have earrings?
    D.C.: Where have you been? It's just like a necklace. It's the 90's, and jewelry is jewelry.
    ZOOGERATOR: Speaking of jewelry...
    DALLAS: We try to wear bracelets when people give them to us.
    ZOOGERATOR: Wow. That's cool.
    STARZ100: What if someone gets a sore throat?
    D.C.: If it's major, we need to cancel.
    DALLAS: For the most part, you can do the best you can. The show must go on.
    KOMODO24: Did you have fun doing your music video?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Oh, yeah.
    ZOOGERATOR: Where did you guys film it?
    DALLAS: Only I had food poisioning.
    YOUNGSTOWN: On a soundstage in California.
    BUTTRFLYPRNCSS: Will ya'll be my everything?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Awwww. Yes, we will.
    D.C.: And more.
    SAMMYSRICAN: Sammy, do u remember me? I met u at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville Long Island... I'm the Puerto Rican who can't speak Spanish :)~
    SAMMY: Oh, yeah. I remember you.
    YOUNGSTOWN: It was the first time he couldn't say boriqua!
    ZOOGERATOR: Boriqua?
    YOUNGSTOWN: It's a slang way to say Puerto Rican.
    ZOOGERATOR: Oh, stellar!
    ANGEL_BABY98: What do each of you look for in a girl?
    DALLAS: Honesty, sincerity. A good cook and loyalty.
    D.C.: Sense of humor.
    SAMMY: Romantic, outgoing, sense of humor, spirituality.
    ZBLULIME: Well, since you are role models to us, what would you say if you met any of us?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Hello, what are you doing? What's up? Boriqua!! We'd just talk to you. It just depends on what you would ask us.
    BALLERINI16: Awwwww... well I'm not a good cook... but my grandma is... she just made homemade cookies... u guys could come over and have some. *wink
    DALLAS: I love cookies, do I'd love to come over! Where do you live?
    GLOVERZOOG: Do you guys ever get into fights over silly things?
    D.C.: Those are the only fights we get in.
    DALLAS: We got into a small bicker onstage the other day, but it was so small, I forgot what it was about.
    ANGELSWEETIE7: Hey guys, any advice, I just got dumped?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Ouch. You realize that people who leave you were never meant to be around in the first place. There's other fish in the sea. When one bad thing
    happens to you, two good things happen. That's how I look at it. Personally, even when I'm mad I think, tomorrow I'll be happy.
    KELLIANN1: What I've always wanted to know is, what do you do if you get hiccups on stage?
    YOUNGSTOWN: I think all bodily functions stop when you're on stage.
    D.C.: I've had to burp on stage before. I'm trying to sing at the same time.
    DALLAS: The new one?
    CTA4000: Who came up with the party idea for the new music video?
    DALLAS: Steve Willis, the director of the video.
    DALLAS: Disneyland, it's because it's really cool, because fans come back faithfully. Every week, every show, they're there.
    FLIPTURN007: Who was the coolest person you've met?
    YOUNGSTOWN: Garth Brooks. And Donny and Marie.
    SAMMY: I never got to meet her, but i got to say a couple of words to Tina Turner. The fans I was talking to were in awe. She looks outstanding.
    LILJUKEBOX: Hi guys!!!!! Any embarassing moments on stage? Be honest =)
    SAMMY: One time in Germany, for the first time my mike finally fell. The whole mike stand fell, it wasn't that sturdy. I told our fans it was a part of the routine.
    I've tripped going onstage twice.
    BALLERINA16: I want to know how u choose your dancers for your videos. I know you have auditions, but when???? I want to audition for one!!!!
    YOUNGSTOWN: We've been really good at finding people who are our friends. We're waiting for auditions for the extra- special videos. But we're saving the best
    for last.
    SPIRIT124: Hey Youngstown, I like your song "I'll Be Your Everything". How many different remixes of the song are there?
    D.C.: I don't know. Some radio DJs may have remixed them. We have a few versions: a capella, instrumental, the album version and the movie version.
    KIMW2000: Hi Youngstown! Now that you are stars do you get on the internet alot? Kimberly, Jamaica
    YOUNGSTOWN: We try to get on any time we can.
    D.C.: I didn't get to bring my computer on the last tour. It's hard overseas because of the voltage. But over here I get on a lot.
    RACHEL667: Sammy, I just want to congradulate you on all your success. I knew you were determined to succeed when I saw how proud you were when we all
    listened to your demo tape at Rob's house. Best of luck!!!
    SAMMY: Thank you so much. I'm glad you believed in me. People like you make me want to pursue my dreams.
    ZOOGERIFIC4515: I love all of you guys. I first fell in love with you when you performed at Disneyland on the 18th of Sept. I LOVE YOU MARRY ME!!!
    YTOWN544: What's the best life advice that you can give to your fans?
    ZOOGERATOR: Good question!!!
    DALLAS: I would basically say you should never settle for what life seems to have given you. Shoot for what you think in your head is possible, because if you
    think it's possible, it is.
    SAMMY: Listen to your heart, and not what other people tell you to do. Just keep your head up, there's a greater power out there. If you believe in yourself , then
    great things will happen.
    D.C.: Live life like there's not going to be a tomorrow. Always tell people you love that you can love them as much as you can.
    ZOOGERATOR: Well, guys thanks so much for joining us in the Zeetharium... once again, you guys are a BLAST to chat with! We will keep listening to all the great
    tunes! Good luck to all of you and come back real soon! Why? Because we like ya! Remember the contest YOUNGSTOWN in YOUR TOWN is still happening so
    check it out!!! Either on or!!!!! SEE YA Zoogers!!

                    Chat Transcript from Zoog (Valentines day)

Zoogerator: Hi there, all you Zoogers! It's super hot here in the Zeethatorium, Zoogerator: because we've got Dallas, DC, and Sammy -- also known
as YOUNGSTOWN -- with us today!! They're here to talk about their upcoming "In Concert" special with Steps, premiering this Saturday, February
19th! So send in those Valentine wishes and say hello to YOUNGSTOWN!

Dallas: Hello everyone
Sammy: Hey, what's up, Happy Valentine's Day

guest-KrisTeen55 says: Happy Valentines Day Youngstown!
Dallas: Thank you and Happy Valentine's to you too.

Dallas: It's going very well, except that we are alone. Except for all you people out there.

guest-SilentHearted says: What do you guys look for in a girl?? Are looks all that important or do you look for a good personality??
Dallas: Most people want somebody honest. I want a girl who lies all the time. Just kidding
Dallas: Really, she's got to be herself.
Sammy: I want a funny girl, with a good sense of humor.
Sammy: He wants Large Marge from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"
DC: Looks aren't that important. As long as she's cool.

guest-KrisTeen55 says: I love you Dallas! Will you be my valentine?!? :-)
Dallas: Absolutely.

guest-LindseyY18 says: Are you excited about the disney special?
DC: Oh, yeah, very excited.
Sammy: We can't wait.

Dallas: Thanks a lot.
Sammy: Hope you enjoy the show.

guest-KrisTeen55 says: I love you so much Dallas! I know your birthday was a few days ago (the 7th) and I was wondering if you had a great b-day?
Any good gifts?
Dallas: Yes, some people from the fan club know that I like dragons and they sent three T-shirts with dragons on them..
Dallas: I also got another chain and dinner cooked for me from my fellow comrades here.

guest-Micahzone says: What do you guys do in your spare time, like hobbies, etc.? I'm also an artist. Are there any drawing artists in the gruop?
Sammy: DC is probably the only one who can draw.
DC: I used to draw a lot.
Dallas: I just like to write.
Dallas: That's my hobby.

guest-LindseyY18 says: Is sammy really a flirt?
Dallas: Yes! I'll answer that one for you. You should see him out.


guest-2GHF says: My name is Nicole i wanted to tell Dallas I LOVE you, and my cous Jen wanted me to tell D.C that she LOVES him, and Sammy
we both LOVE you cause you are da bomb! LOL! what is you favorite color? Man we are desprete for questions! LOL!
Dallas: My two favorite colors are red and blue.
DC: I like baby blue and black.
Sammy: I like forest green and yellow. I'm feeling bright today.

guest-KrisTeen55 says: I just wanted to say that I got your album for X-mas this year, and I loved it so much! You guys did a great job!
Dallas: Thank you very much.
DC: Thanks, you should check out the new single.
Sammy: Thanks a lot

guest-2GHF says: Are you guys going to be on any TV specials? Dallas: We have the Disney In Concert on February 19th.
Dallas: We're also starting a Kodak tour, so you can see us in person.
Dallas: So keep a look out for that.

guest-iluvm2m says: If you all didnt decide on calling yourselves Youngstown, then what were something other possible names?
Dallas: Goofy
DC: Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place!
Dallas: Platinum, Sweet Forte.
Dallas: We had a whole bunch of goofy names.

guest-ferchi1374392 says: Would you ever go on a date with a fan, and what would you do?
Sammy: Yeah, I guess we would. We'd go out to dinner, go see a movie. We'd do whatever she wants to do.
Sammy: And she'd have to pay. Just kidding!

guest-meggie4646 says: I can not wait for your concert on DISENEY!!!! I have seen the commercials for it and the guys look sooo hot and cute!!! I
will keep voting for i will be your everything!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Dallas: Move the votes onto "Pedal to the Steel"
Dallas: And thanks, we love you very much.

CrzyLilPartyGrl says: Hey whats up guys? Well today is my Sweet 16th birthday and Valentine's Day so for my birthday could you do me a favor and
answer my question? Who cares most about their appearance and takes longest getting ready? Thanks Happy Valentine's Day!
Dallas: I think we all care equally about our appearance. But I think it's DC and Sammy.
DC: Well, we just lag. We all care the same, but we just take longer to get started.
Sammy: Dallas will stop in front of every mirror, thinking "Do I look okay?"

guest-jennazurg says: what's your most embaressing moment
Dallas: In Chicago, at the Disney Quest Building...
Sammy: I forgot the routine to the song, and I just had this look of desperation....

guest-baybeeblue_02 says: are there any songs on your album that have a special meaning to you? lindsey, maryland
Sammy: All of them.

guest-2GHF says: What was it like preforming on the disney in concert and working with Lee Thompson Young? He is a hotty, And are you good
friends with Steps now?
Dallas: It was a lot of fun doing the Disney special, Lee Thompson and Steps are really cool.
Dallas: We met them overseas.

guest-Youngstowngirl86 says: i luv you sooo room is a shrine to you...and it will for be that way
Dallas: We appreciate that. Thanks, I hope we can get you more pictures to put up.

guest-KrisTeen55 says: i can't believe i'm chatting with you guys again! you are truly the best band ever!! thank you for caring so much about your
Sammy: Thank you.
Dallas: It's our pleasure. The fans are the ones that count.

guest-KrisTeen55 says: If you could collaborate with any artist out there, who would you guys choose?
Dallas: I don't know. I hear JC from N'Sync is pretty cool.

guest-tigger143151 says: what is your favorite kind of animal?
Dallas: Sammy's is a giraffe!
Sammy: No, I like dogs. Rottweillers and little hot dogs...Dachsaunds.
Dallas: I like dogs too. The big dogs, St. Bernhards. And of course, Scooby Doo.
Dallas: Scrappy Doo is one of my favorite little ones.
DC: I like the Duck-Billed Platypus. Just kidding. I like dogs too. I have a dog named Samurai.

guest-melissa201000 says: what do you guys have in common with each other?
Sammy: We all love music. And video games.
Dallas: Me and DC like to pick on Sammy.

Dallas: Thank you very much. That's phat.

guest-EZGuest198 says: What was the weirdest thing that happend to you???
DC: Besides Sammy's alien abduction?
Sammy: There was something, but I can't think of it. Must not have been that important.
Sammy: The alien thing...I swear it really happened!

guest-eripud says: What kind of songs do you have? My favorite song is "You'll Be My Everything.
Dallas: Our other songs are all on the album. They're cool. We like to have everyone else judge our music...

guest-Jerrica14639999 says: What are some of your Musical Influenes
Dallas: Babyface
Sammy: Boyz2Men
Dallas: We also have a lot of early rock influence...AC/DC, the early Van Halen, it ranges from rock to rap to country to...polka.
Dallas: We don't even always recognize what influences us. We hear something we like...
Dallas: I don't like comparing ourselves to other groups and musicians.

guest-NsyncAddict18 says: Do you guys like traveling?
Sammy: We love to travel.
Dallas: We just love to travel on the bus, even more than flying.
Dallas: We had a lot of fun in Flynt, Michigan. We had so many fans out there.

guest-bsbnickgafan says: I was wondering you have 2 videos for "I'll Be Your Everything" which was the most fun making?:)
Sammy: They were both fun.
Dallas: The reason we have two videos is that one is the album video and one is for "Inspector Gadget". They were both a lot of fun to shoot.

guest-DallasGirl4Lyfe says: its cool how you guys take time to hang with the street team..cant wait to see you guys next month
DC: The green team rules!
Sammy: We played laser tag a few days ago, had a blast.

guest-pluto988 says: do you like going to theme parks?
Sammy: Oh, yes. We love roller coasters.
DC: There are a few new roller coasters I want to check out.

guest-earlyfrost_2000 says: Where have you had the most fun performing I love Disneyland
DC: Disney World.
Dallas: Disneyland and Disney World.
DC: Disney World was great for New Year's.
Sammy: We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge.

guest-Annski99 says: Will you be starring in a movie in the future? AnnMarie
Dallas: There's talk, nothing set in stone. But there is talk of having us be guests on a TV show.

guest-bsbnickgafan says: I just seen that you,Dallas, love to write so do I I've won awards at school and essay contests I love writing poetery thats my
Dallas: That's really cool. Keep it up. If you do what you love, you can't help but succeed at it. Success is in what you love.

guest-britneyspears1153 says: hey,boys i` from Suriname .And here someane girls love you.
Dallas: Thanks very much. I hope we can get there soon.

guest-PokeZoog623 says: Do you ever get nervous in front of a big crowd?
Sammy: Not anymore.
Dallas: I think there's a small sense of nervousness in every show. But we don't really get scared anymore. You move around a little bit
Dallas: and then you're ready to go.

guest-EZGuest194 says: im usually not the luckiest one or the prettiest one or the smartest one-but i would be much obliged if you answerd my
question-how does it feel to be major recording artists?
DC: It feels good to do what you love to do and to know that we're accomplishing something we've always dreamed about.
Dallas: It feels good not be hungry anymore! It's still a struggle, but there are a lot of things that we don't have to worry about. We can focus on what
we want to do.

Zoogerator: What would you be doing if you couldn't sing?
DC: I'd be acting.
Dallas: I don't know, probably working a job someplace. I'd still be trying to write and produce.
Sammy: I'd be in the NBA. Probably Chicago.
Dallas: He'd be playing for the Clippers!

guest-catlover992604 says: I named my Rotweiler after you Dallas, you are so CUTE! WHOA!!
Dallas: At least I love dogs. That's cool. I'm glad it's not a guinea pig.

guest-purplecorvette says: i got you as wall paper i got your pictures blown up i love you guys and thanks for taking the time to chat with all of us
your fans and if you getthistype12345youngstown rules
Dallas: I want to see a picture of that! 12345 Youngstown rules!
Dallas: Take a picture of that for us.

guest-inet247 says: dallas are you gonna die your hair any other colors?
Dallas: Yeah, I was thinking a bright red. I'm not sure, just being wild now. Not sure what the next phase will be.
Dallas: I think now I'll try to let it grow.

Dallas: Thank you for listening to OUR CD now. :)

guest-dallasluver86 says: You guys are the best!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!
Sammy: Thanks, Happy Valentine's Day to you too.
DC: I'd go into the future.
Dallas: I'd go into the fifties and be a Greaser. With the black car and the fire on it.
Sammy: I'd go to the future as well. See if there are any flying cars yet.

Sassygrl8505 says: I've been to one of your concerts at Disneyland and it was sooooo awesome! Would you ever do another concert at Disneyland
Dallas: Yeeeessss, we would!

guest-gracieblue says: What made you want to start a music career?
DC: We kind of fell into it.
Sammy: Everyone enjoyed music when we were young.

REDteamKICKS says: i had so much fun at laser tag with you guys! sorry you had to leave o early :(
Dallas: Green team rules!
DC: Red team kicks!
Dallas: The Red team lost. But I was Red team the second time. So, they ruled then!

guest-Brielle says: Can oyu tell us alittle bit about the concert special?
Sammy: You're going to see a lot of different outfits, places we went in Los Angeles.
Sammy: We went to the wildlife preserves. We went to the new ride for Disney Quest.
Dallas: I would have loved to go skydiving for that!

Lilly_love_22 says: Who do you look up to?
Dallas: Anyone over 5;8"
DC: My mom.
Sammy: Family.
Dallas: I look up to people who have struggled and have gone a long way. People who have made a world out of nothing.

guest-DrewLacheylover02 says: did you ever think that you guys would never make it? how did you have the courage to know that you would make
it ?
Dallas: There were times...before we got our deal. When the deal came along, we weren't really expecting it.
Sammy: I thought we would make it, in the back of my mind, and it was just a matter of timing. We always worked towards making it.
Sammy: When that door opened for us...
Dallas: Well, I was concerned.
DC: If we didn't think we'd make it, we wouldn't be here now.
Dallas: It was a big shock when we got our deal. But we were loyal to each other. We were doing work for other people.
Dallas: There were times when we had to step back and look at the business end. It's not all fun and games.
Dallas: We are focused on trying to work the business angle and be the best group also.

guest-Gaby182 says: Who is the most awesomest person you've met?
Sammy: Garth Brooks.
Dallas: Garth Brooks. Donny and Marie were really nice.
Dallas: I had a brief encounter with Wanye from Boyz2Men.
Dallas: I had never been nervous meeting anyone before.
Dallas: So Wanye, if you ever want to work with us....

guest-Weasel8805 says: Ok, I have asked hundreds of questions and none have been answered so I would be so happy and love you sooooo much
if you wuold answer this one: Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?
Sammy: Mine is Cookies and Cream
DC: I like Vanilla.
Dallas: Anything chocolate.<[> guest-daisyflwer says: If each of you had a genie, and was granted one wish each, what would you wish for?
Dallas: For everyone on the face of the earth to be happy and content.
Sammy: A lot of bubble gum. :) Love, happiness, prosperity. A beautiful life.
Sammy: To be content.
Sammy: If I'm prosperous, other people will benefit from that too.
DC: To be able to live a long time...
Sammy: ...And make a positive impact.

Zoogerator: Well, YOUNGSTOWN, thank you so much for chatting with all of us today!
Dallas: Goodbye, everyone. Thanks for chatting with us today. Happy Valentine's Day.
DC: Much love.
Sammy: Much chocolate.
Dallas: And remember to watch the special.

Zoogerator: Don't forget "In Concert" premieres Saturday, Feb 19th at 7:30 p.m. Pacific and Eastern times. Visit for updates on
upcoming tour announcements!

                    Hiponline Interview With Youngstown!

How do you feel about doing the Disney Christmas Special?
Dallas: Great. Naturally, we know how all of the other Disney Specials have helped out all of the other groups, and it actually was a suggestion of ours also and it just made
sense and everybody else agreed.

It must have been great for the group to land the single on the Inspector Gadget soundtrack.
Dallas: Definitely. All of us grew up watching Inspector Gadget, so when the song was presented to us for the movie we couldn't turn it down. And we thought that the song was a
hit right off of the bat.

How's the album doing right now?
Dallas: We really haven't had that much time to check it. We have been on the road so much and have been doing so many shows that we really haven't been paying attention
to it, but we are going back home pretty soon and are going to check it out then.

How did you get into writing and producing?
Dallas: Actually, we all started out that way. We never really set out to be a group. We actually set out to be writers and producers, and while we were showing the demo
someone said that we were doing things just fine and that we needed to be the group. So it just kind of happened like that. And a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work,

How did you get signed to Hollywood then?
Dallas: It was weird. We were in LA showcasing the songs and somebody called and said that they had a situation for us over at Hollywood Records, which is a Disney label. So
we flew out and that day right off the plane we showcased it to the label and played the tape and sang the song. And they asked if we wrote them and we were like, 'Yes,' and
they said, 'You produced them also?' and we were like, 'Yes.' And right there on the spot they we like you guys got the deal.

Your album seems to be more R&B than other albums in your category. Do you agree?
Dallas: I mean, we have a lot of R&B influences, we have a lot of rock influences. We really just wanted to try and cater to all crowds on this album. We have pop songs, we
have really heartfelt deep songs that are for a more mature audience. But we really just do what we love to do, and we leave it up to everyone else to put it in their own
category, because music is so diverse these days. You just can't really categorize everything as much as you used to be able to do.

How would you describe your music?
Sammy: I would have to say kind of universal. We try to cater to a lot of different aspects of the music and a lot of influences along with a lot of different styles. We like the
urban hip-hop style and we like the rap thing and we dig the ballads, and I even think our forte is the ballads that we write a lot. We try to do the hype thing because we love to
dance and do energetic shows, and that's us and the way that we get down.

How important is the writing process to you?
Sammy: It is very important, mainly because it is us and what created our whole image, our love for music, and our love for each other, and our respects for each other's
talents. It's funny, because usually a group is put together by people, but with us it wasn't even like that. We just sat in the basement and wanted to create, and, little by little,
the personalities started creating as a group and people told us that we had it going on, and in the back of our minds all we wanted to do was music. God was on our side and
he opened doors for us to finally have our dreams come true.

Describe some of the early years of the group.
Sammy: It was cool. Me and Dallas lived together and we were friends, always kicking it together and going out all of the time and getting into trouble. And we argued a lot, just
like typical brother stuff. I could put up with these guys for like the rest of my life if I had to.

Did you originally do it for the love of music or because you thought it would be a good career?
Sammy: I met up with the group when I was in Georgia visiting my mom and I told them that I loved music and that we should go back and see what we could put together.
And we just wanted to create something new and just go with the flow and let it go natural and see what can come of it, and something beautiful really happened. And it's
astonishing to us when we just look back and say to ourselves, 'That really came from us.' It's a real trip.

What were some of your influences growing up?
Sammy: The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. And I grew up listening a lot to my family members. Just growing up in the church, I wasn't allowed to listen to a lot of secular music
so everything came from just watching my parents and my aunts just pouring out their heart, as far as feelings and emotions in their music, and it made me want to pursue

How would you describe the group's music?
DC: It's just kind of us. We try to hear as much criticism from everybody else, because we are just Youngstown and we just write and do our thing and what we feel. It's kind of
hard to explain, but we try to be as universal as we can with our music.

What are some of your plans for the New Year?
DC: We are doing a Disney thing for the New Year, and they are going to have our families come out so that is going to be pretty dope. Hopefully we will still be here at 12:01.

                    Jenny Jones Chat Interview

BB: Your band is named after Youngstown, OH. Why? What's so great about it there?

DC: We're actually all from different parts of the country. But that's where we met, and we put the group together in Youngstown…. We didn't actually call it Youngstown from the
beginning, but a friend of ours in California had the idea and thought it would be good….

Dallas: As soon as I heard it, it reminded me of the old 80's bands, like Boston, Kansas, and Chicago. Immediately, I was like "yeah, that's it--that's our name!"

BB: Tell me about your current album, Let's Roll. It's your first album-what's the sound of it? How was your recording experience?

Dallas: High energy, dance. It'll make you bob your head one second, it'll make you cry the next. It's Youngstown, that's what it is. Basically we named it Let's Roll because it's
our first opportunity to get out there. It's our first chance, and we're not going to stress and worry about it. We're just going to….

Sammy: Roll with it!

BB: What are each of your favorite tracks off the album?

All three in unison: Pedal to the Steel!! (laughing)

DC: Pedal is my favorite song to perform live. It's high energy and it's probably one of the doper tracks on the album.

BB: You collaborated with Kel Mitchell (of the Nickelodeon show Kenan and Kel) for that song. How did that come about?

DC: Kenan was just hilarious! The producer that actually produced the song is friends with him. He just came in to hang out and see the session and our producer asked him,
"Hey, you wanna rap on it?" And he said, "Yeah, I'll rap on it." So we all sat right there and put it together.

BB: And you guys wrote most of the songs on the album?

Dallas: We wrote five songs and produced three.

BB: Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

Dallas: There's a lot of people: David Foster, Diane Warren, Babyface, Michael, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Brian McKnight, a whole bunch of people!

BB: You've said that you admire artists with longevity. What does it take to achieve longevity in today's fickle industry?

Sammy: Unity.

DC: Respect.

Dallas: You gotta love each other.

DC: Oh yeah, definitely.

Dallas: See, that's just it. We're all here to build something together. And if at times, someone starts to feel down, then it's up to the other two to pick him back up and get him
back in it. It's what we gotta do…you gotta love what you do. Even if we didn't have a record deal, even if it wasn't such and such, I still believe we'd be back in Youngstown, OH,
writing songs in the basement of our house.

BB: Are you excited to have your single, "I'll Be Your Everything," featured on the Inspector Gadget soundtrack?

Dallas: It's been a total blessing. It just made everything that we were trying to do with our lives move that much faster.

BB: When you were little, did you watch the Inspector Gadget cartoons?

All three: Oh yeah!

DC: I've seen the movie twice.

Dallas: Missed it by that much! (imitates Inspector Gadget)

BB: What are some of your other favorite movies and TV shows?

DC: My three favorite all-time movies are Austin Powers, Happy Gilmore, and Ace Ventura.

Dallas: See, I can go category by category. Comedy: My favorite is Dumb and Dumber. Serious, like action packed movies? It'd be a cross between Bad Boys and the Matrix.
And also, the new movie The Sixth Sense.

Sammy: I love The Goonies! That was an adventure growing up…kept me creative.

BB: So the whole "boy band thing," the current phenomenon of boy bands taking off…do you think that has helped you or hurt you?

Dallas: It's helped us. I think, like I said before and I'll say it again, there's room at the top for anybody who wants to work hard enough to get there. All it takes is work, unity
and you gotta love what you do. That's why Backstreet's there, and that's why N'Sync is there, and that's why 98 Degrees is there. There's a million and one other pop groups
coming out, but they just can't grab onto that thing, and I think it's because they just don't have the unity that it takes. That's not guaranteeing that we'll get there, but we do
have that dedication and we do have that unity.

BB: Do you have any videos coming up?

Dallas: We did the Disney version of the Inspector Gadget video. On the 2nd, we have a shoot for the MTV version of the song.

BB: If your life or your experience was a Jenny Jones episode, what would the title be?

Dallas: I know what mine would be: "People who regret teasing you as a child," because I got teased so much.

DC: Mine would be "Men who are addicted to video games and the women who love them."

                Live w/ Joe Biz & Gwenny G! Meet Youngstown
JoeBiz: Hey! Onliners! Are you there? Cause we are ready to blast off with our first electrifying hour of Live with JoeBiz and Gwenny G! I'm JoeBiz.

Gwenny G: And I'm Gwenny G. Welcome to our totally awesome show, full of excitement, frolic, and lots of fun-filled chat!

JoeBiz: Now some of you may be asking, "JoeBiz, what is "Live with JoeBiz & Gwenny G!"?

Gwenny G: Don't look at me, I already know what it is!

JoeBiz: For those of you who don't know, "Live with JoeBiz & Gwenny G!" is the hippest, hottest, most happening talk show online!

Gwenny G: Hosted by the 2 coolest cats around! We're coming to you LIVE from the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood, USA. And have we got a show for you today!
Today's guest happens to be one of the hottest new music groups around!

JoeBiz: In case you're wondering which young lads we're talking about, you can hear their melodic voices singing that hit song, "I'll Be Your Everything" in the movie "Inspector
Gadget"! (sings)

Gwenny G: That's right, thanks to Radio Disney, today's special guests are Sammy, DC, and Dallas, the talented guys from Youngstown! Let's hear it for Youngstown! And you
can hear Youngstown all the time when you tune into RADIO DISNEY. Those DJs are big fans of this talented trio!

JoeBiz: We love Radio Disney! I listen daily. (sings again)

Gwenny G: JoeBiz, please! Spare us! Now today is Wednesday, September 22. Did you know that something very important happened on this day back in 1862? President
Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, saying that slaves would be free!

JoeBiz: Freedom! We like that! You don't suppose our President would issue some sort of Proclamation about our show's debut today? Do you?

Gwenny G: What do YOU think? I think the President has more important things on his mind than to boost your ego! Sorry to burst your bubble, there, JoeBiz. Like your ego
needs any more boosting?

JoeBiz: Well, I think this IS an important event. After all, this is our very first show; what else can be more exciting?

Gwenny G: After we win our first award, then we'll see. But maybe we're jumping just a little ahead of ourselves. We've gotta do the show first!

JoeBiz: Who says no? But speaking of today, did you know that exactly one year ago today, the movie SCOOBY DOO on ZOMBIE ISLAND was released!

Gwenny G: Well, thanks for that enlightening fact JoeBiz! I don't think I'd rate it equally with The Emancipation Proclamation though!

JoeBiz: Why is everything you say always more important than what I have to say?

Gwenny G: Not everything I say is more important. Just almost anything I say. But sometimes you do come out with a winner! I seem to remember there was something you
said 6 months ago. . .

JoeBiz: Alright, moving on! Since we're dwelling on important things, why don't some of you tell us what YOU'RE celebrating today?

Gwenny G: And if you're not celebrating something today, close your eyes and imagine you're in Bulgaria, cause it's their Independence Day!

JoeBiz: Bulgaria, now that's a country! I've always wanted to visit Bulgaria. Where is Bulgaria, anyway? Isn't it somewhere across the ocean?

Gwenny G: Well, it's not in your back yard.

lesliekenny4: It's my mom's birthday!

sarah8914: really hi joebitz and gweeny (singing)

DCLuvr77: it's my aunt's birthday

ladeybugg: it is my Dog's birthday

DCLuvr77: she's gonna have a baby she's gonna have a baby

Peanuts: My uncle is getting married this weekend.

Mafasa1: Today is my brothers birthday.

DCLuvr77: in March

DcSammyDallasRule: its my birthday today

ladeybugg: Gwenny G, I love your outfit! JoeBiz, is your hair really blue?

Dorothy2951: I love those pictures on the side...they are wicked!!!

Insider666: cute

Snow_Angels2000: Its my mom and dads anniversary ; 0 ) <3

youngstownfan79: I love those pictures on the side too!

cacoye: Laughing Fish are eating your furniture

Snow_Angels2000: 21st! thanx

JoeBiz: Congratulations to everyone celebrating happy occasions, whatever they may be. Or wherever they may be.

Gwenny G: Now let's welcome to the stage:

JoeBiz and Gwenny G: YOUNGSTOWN!!

Youngstown: We're happy to be here. Thanks for having us! Hey, very happy to be here!


DallasLover4Ever: hi

Dallas: Hello to everyone and thank you very much

Insider666: you guys r ock!

Youngstown: Thank you very much! You rock!

SpeedRacer: Sammy, how old were you when you started singing?

Sammy: I was about 6. I started playing instruments and singing.


Sammy: I guess so, I will have to give it some thought.


Youngstown: I want to meet you first before I marry you. (laughs) We are flattered. Thank you.

ladeybugg: When are you on next week? I love this show!

Youngstown: We are going to England to do some shows over there. We will be there 2 1/2 weeks. We will be in Norway, Amsterdam, Sweden.

Insider666: what's ohio like?

Youngstown: It is like a state in the midwest.

DC: It is my home so, my friends and family are there. It is right off route 80.

Dorothy2951: Hey Youngstown, It's DC 's Cousin....i want to wish Sammy a very belated Happy Birthday and i want to ask you If you will be doing any more television
apperances?? Dc i love you...Sammy and Dallas too..bye

Sammy: Oh, thanks.

DC: I love you and we are on "Donny and Marie" tomorrow. It will be airing the 30th or the 1st.

Donut: Did you guys get to go the Premier of Inspector Gadget" since you wrote the song for that movie?

Dallas: No, we did not but, we are going overseas to hit the premieres over there. They are just getting it now. We didn't actually write the song.

JoeBiz: Come on guys! Hum a few bars, will ya?

Youngstown: (singing Inspector Gadget song)

LuvDallas: How do you get your ideas for the songs you write?

Dallas: Ideas can come from anything from the one thing you love most to the one thing you hate most. It can come from pain, joy, lauging, from anything.

LuvYngstwn: How do you decide who sings what in a particular song?

Dallas: We all know each other pretty well so listening to a song we can imagine who will sing what. We imagine who will sound like what, we know each others limitations. What
one can't do the other can. It works out perfectly.

youngstownluvr16: hey i saw you guys at dineyland and it was the best night of my life...i was the one with some friends and we had those big signs! remember??

Youngstown: Definitely. How could we miss them? Come by on this Saturday. It will be a good show. Everyone should come by and see it.

DCLuvr77: do you guys have girlfriends?

DC: No we don't but I love your name. We are too busy, we don't have time to sleep.

crazed4music: youngstown,how do u feel about being on the road all the time?

Youngstown: We love it. We love to travel. We especially love the bus. It is like you are in your home. We have everything. 2 TV's etc. We like the bus better than the plane. If
we flew first class we would like it. (laughs)

Gwenny G: What was the longest amount of time you spent on a bus at one time?

Youngstown: 3 weeks.

youngstownluvr16: how long have you been together?

Youngstown: We have been together 3 and half years. It has actually been 4 years.

Gwenny G: Age check please!

DC: Sammy is the youngest

Sammy: I am 22

DC: I am 23

Dallas: I am 24

youngstownfan79: I'm going Saturday! Woohoo!

Youngstown: Very Cool!

LuvDallas: Dallas, I read that the song "Jamie Lee" is a tribute to your Mother. What inspired you to write about your Mother?

Dallas: That is a good one. Basically, you have your ups and downs in your life and I wrote it to my Mom to let here know she is only human and you make mistakes. We are
all very close to our Moms.

DC: I miss my Mom now but I keep in touch with her Via Internet and phone.

Snow_Angels2000: How did you guys first get noticed? Ive wanted to be a singer all my life, and ive been singin for music festivals, concerts, and many other community
events... how do u think i could get noticed?

Dallas: Keep doing what you are doing. We started singing in malls. You never know who is listening to you.

CindyB: How did you get selected to do the "Inspector Gadget" song?

DC: It is a Disney movie and we got first dibs. Mitchell Lee came to us with the song. There wasn't a songtrack so we got the lead song for it. He came to us and everyone liked
it. It was a for sure hit.

Snow_Angels2000: song gets stuck in head *sings* hahaha

Youngstown: That is good!

Apples2: Have you guys done a lot of traveling and do you enjoy it?

Youngstown: We really enjoy it especially on the bus!

JoeBiz: Any exotic places you guys have gone to?

DC: Probably not New York or Chicago. Los Angeles is like a vacation for us.

Dallas: We get to see the world doing what we do and we enjoy it. We have never been outside of the US. Sammy has been to Puerto Rico.

DcSammyDallasRule: Youngstown when is your next video coming out?

Dallas: We just shot a video for "I'll Be Your Everything". Hopefullly it will be out in the next couple of weeks. We want something out for when the album comes out.

david_watson: How did you know you wanted to sing together?

Youngstown: We were all friends and DC and Dallas have been singing together since 1995. In 1998 the deal just came together. We came out on the first trip to LA and we got
the deal. That is why the album is called "Let's Roll". We are like brothers.

DCLuvr77: My friend & I met you last Sunday at the Westminster mall, we hugged you by your van before you left, remember us?

Youngstown: Oh yes we do. What's up? Sammy wasn't around though. It was just Dallas and DC.

youngstownfan79: I just wanted to thank Dallas for singing into my video camera that I had when I saw you guys perform on Saturday. You were so awesome!

Dallas: Thank you! Thank you very much.

DCLuvr77: where do you guys live right now?

Youngstown: We are living in Burbank.

SpeedRacer: Are you all from Youngstown?

DC: That is where we all met

Dallas: I moved there in '95 and moved in with Sammy's parents

Sammy: I am the only one from there. I wasn't actually living with my parents. I was living on my own.

Dorothy2951: What were other names did you consider before you picked Youngstown???

Dallas: Part 4, B45, Suite4J. We were doing demos in NY and that was the apartment number. Everybody thought it was Sweet not Suite.

Nzyncfan14: Hey Youngstown! I'm sooo excited! I can't believe I'm chatting with you! Well, I was just wondering, do you have any secret crushes on any actresses or singers?

Youngstown: If we did, it wouldn't be a secret.

DCLuvr77: Describe what you look for in a girlfriend.

Dallas: Honesty, loyalty, sincerity and you have to know how to play video games.

DC: You have to have a sense of humor like myself.

Dallas: Looks is not the most important thing. Beauty has to come from within.

Nzyncfan14: Have you guys ever been to Disney World? That's my favorite place ever!

Dallas: No.

Sammy: I have been there 6 times. We are doing a WDW Special and it will air in December. We like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and Space Mountain rocks. We
couldn't get our manager on it though Splash Mountain is so sweet.

Sweet_Daisy13: Your so hott!!! Do you have any idea of how much fan mail you get everyday?

Dallas: We know we are getting a lot. We are so busy that we are not able to check it ourself. Our website is up so now we can look it up.

DC: I have my own email address so it can be sent on that. We check it that way.

YTown544: I see that you wear a lot of jewelry. Is there any piece of jewelry you wear that is extremely important to you?

Dallas: It is all a possession so it is not that important.

Sammy: It's cool when people give us bracelets and we wear it on stage.

DC: (points to his own necklace) This is from a fan. We wear things that fans give us. They give us cool stuff.

Nzyncfan14: Do you think your connection with "Inspector Gadget" and Disney helped to boost your career?

Dallas: Most definitely. It doesn't hurt. It was a blessing to get "Inspector Gadget". People love the song!

zooger12130189: do you guys ever fight?

Dallas: We don't fist fight or anything. We argue. Everyone is going to argue.

JoeBiz: What about?

Youngstown: You aren't going to always have the same point. We argue about clothes, bathrooms, showers, who's not ready etc. Petty stuff like that. It's a toss-up between DC
and Sammy who it takes longest to get ready.

Dallas: I was the first to start and finish today. 10 to 15 minutes to get ready for me.

Sammy: It takes me an hour. I have to shave twice a day. Sometimes I pick a cologne.


Youngstown: Thanks gyrodos!

Nzyncfan14: What is most humiliating thing that has ever happened to you when you were on-stage or on-camera?

Dallas: Sammy tripped and fell twice on stage.

Sammy: I tripped on and off the stage.

DC: I dropped my mike once.

Sammy: Once it was in the dark so nobody really saw me but I was the last one to go on and the camera people were the only ones that saw me.

Dallas: He started doing "Pedal To The Steel" routine to "Inspector Gadget". You have to laugh. You got to go with it. The audience is laughing with you.

Gwenny G: Have you guys checked out your section on the Radio Disney web site?


DC: I have seen the trivia about us.

Dallas: I am in the process of buying my own computer.

sweet_q_t: Is it cool when people give us bracelet?

Youngstown: Oh yes! Very cool We love it!

Dorothy2951: Can you guys sing a little bit of Pedal to the Steel?? Plz.....

Youngstown: Sure! (singing "Pedal To The Steel") "Put the Pedal to the Steel and let it go..."

Nzyncfan14: What CD's are in your CD player right now? - Jaime

Dallas: I am in the process of sampling the old 80's music like Ozzie Ozborn and ACDC. I am into the rock and hip hop stuff.

DC: Sublime, Shania Twain, from country to rap and rock.

Sammy: Latin music to country and a lot of stuff. Mark Anthony, Jennifer Lopez. Sorry, no broadway show tunes JoeBiz!

sweet_q_t: I'M your BIGGEST fan!!!!!

DC: HI sweet_q_t! I think I have had you in my email before

sweet_q_t: What does it feel like to be FAMOUS??

Dallas: We don't even think about it. We feel the same that we did before.

DC: It is weird to have girls screaming and crying. We get off stage and we are back to us again.

DcSammyDallasRule: Guys, describe your dating style-Indiana Jones or Shakespeare In Love??!!

Dallas: Shakespeare and Jones. (laughs)

Sammy, DC, Dallas: We are all more "Shakespeare In Love". It is probably sweet and sincere. We are more that way.

Dallas: It is weird, we don't do anything new or different. Flowers, dinners, movies. A drive I did on one date. I rented a bike on a 2 seater bike.

DC: Rent videos and cuddle on the couch.


Youngstown: We are in California right now gyrodos!

JoeBiz: You like California?

Youngstown: It is cool.

Gwenny G: What was your first impression of L.A.?

Dallas: I think California will be my permanent home. Lovely, hot beautiful. The atmosphere pulled us in. The mountains, sun, water and everything! It was sprinkling rain

DC: Virginia is the first place I ever traveled to.

LuvDallas: What instruments do each of you play?

Dallas: Guitar and keyboards.

Sammy: Keyboards and drums.

DC: I play nothing.

zooger_will: hey guys! i am desprate to get you to answer this question! what will your next single be and will there be a video?

Youngstown: Yes there will be. The next single "Pedal To the Steel" after "I Will Be Your Everything".

Doglover: Now you guys are having a contest, "From Youngstown to Your Town." What can you tell us about that?

Youngstown: What you do is go to and vote for your school. The one that has the most votes gets a free concert blast at your school. You can vote as many times
as you want.

DcSammyDallasRule: Okay If two or more of you were interested in the same girl - how would you handle that?

Dallas: We would all just talk to her. We would pick up her vibe and if it gets too hectic we would have to cut it off. Nothing gets between us.

Nzyncfan14: I saw you guys on "Live with Regis and KathyLee" this summer. Are you going to be on any other TV shows any time soon?

Youngstown: Yes! "Donny and Marie". They film tomorrow and air the 30th or 1st.

YTown544: What does the C in DC stand for?

Youngstown: "Confused". My real name is David. I put my whole name when I give my autograph. It is given to me by these guys in the Studio. I will forget parts when we are
recording so that is how I got it.

Dallas: That is my last name. Dallas is my last name.

DcSammyDallasRule: sammy i love you! i saw u at the disney premier and told you i love you! do you remember me? anyway when are you coming back to northern va?

Sammy: I love you too! I don't know when I will be back. Soon hopefully.

Nzyncfan14: Have you guys ever met 'NSYNC? If you have, are they as nice as they seem to be?

Youngstown: Never met them. We would love to.

JoeBiz: What about Backstreet Boys?

Youngstown: We have seen them but have not met them.

Dallas: Anyone out there listening on AUDIO? Say Hello!

BButterflygirl34: hey

teresa64x: hello

youngstownluvr16: hello?

YTown544: yay

youngstownluvr16: woohoo yeah i can hear you yeah

teresa64x: hey everyoen

Youngstown: There it is! (Youngstown is eating in the studio)

JoeBiz: Please help yourself to the food! How about those brownies!

Gwenny G: Now after you come back from Europe, will you be starting your US tour?

DC: When we get back we are rehearsing for a Disney Special that is airing in November. There is talk about a tour though. We don't have the schedule yet. We are dying to go
back on the bus so hopefully we will be in your town soon.

Dallas: The bus brought us together and closer than before.

IBRaeRae4U: what do you guys see you doing in like 15 years?

Sammy: Music!

Dallas: Walking on crutches from the dance moves.

DC: In music and hopefully with these guys. And movies like producing.

Dallas: I would like to be producing.

JoeBiz: How about JoeBiz coming into the trio?

Youngstown: (laughs) why not?

JoeBiz: Well, we made it through our first episode!

Gwenny G: That went amazingly well! Don't you think, JoeBiz?

JoeBiz: Of course, that's because I'm such a professional. Huh?!
Gwenny G: That's what you keep telling me. But don't you think you're forgetting someone? I think we have Youngstown to thank for making this such a great show!

JoeBiz: Oh, of course, what was I thinking? Let's hear it for YOUNGSTOWN !!! (cheers)

Youngstown: Thank you very much!

Gwenny G: And don't forget the most important part of the show, the online audience!

JoeBiz: Oh, yea, I forgot about them.

Youngstown: We love you guys! Thank you very much! We love you!

Gwenny G: Ya know, JoeBiz, sometimes I wonder how the 3 of us fit into the chat studio!

JoeBiz: 3 of us?

Gwenny G: YOU, ME and your EGO. Never mind! Let's hear it for our audience!

Youngstown: (cheering) Woo Hoo!

JoeBiz: And don't forget to stop by the Radio Disney web site. They've got an awesome new look! Not to mention a whole section devoted to Youngstown! We'll be posting the
transcript from this show there at Band Headquarters. So make sure you tune into Radio Disney. Trust me folks! They play the best music! Right, Gwenny G?

Gwenny G: For once JoeBiz, you are right! So JoeBiz, are you ready to sign off?

JoeBiz: Ready Gwenny!

Gwenny G: Until next week.

JoeBiz and Gwenny G: Ciao for now!

                    *Youngstown interviews themselves*

Dallas: So fellas, what's been the high point so far?

    Sammy: The whole Disney Premears in the Park tour we've been doing. It's our first tour together. It's been great - all the crowds
    that come to see us. We love you guys.
    DC: The fanfare. We love ya.

Dallas: Which of the current boy bands do you admire for the way they've handled their careers?

    DC: I would say Backstreet Boys for the longevity they've had so far in the music business, and they seem pretty cool.
    Sammy: Backstreet as well. They've been doing a lot of good things. Opening a lot of doors for the rest of the white band groups out here. It's cool.

Dallas: What's the best and worst advice you've ever been given?

    Sammy: The best? To keep doing music. Yhe worst I would have to say is, "You're not good enough to make it in the industry."
    DC: My best advice was, "Keep my head up and stay strong." And I don't think I've had any worst advice.

Dallas: Did you like school?

    Sammy and DC [together]: Yeah, I love school.

Dallas: What was your favorite subject?

    Sammy: Psychology.
    DC: I loved English, speech, drama, and gym.
    Dallas: You seem like a drama/gym guy.
    DC: I knocked out plays when I was supposed to be playing basketball.

Dallas: When you were in school, were you a jock, a nerd, a troublemaker, a brainiac, or a teacher's pet?

    DC: I was a troublemaker.
    Dallas: I already know what Sammy was - he was a jock.
    Sammy: [agreeing] And a teacher's pet.
    DC: [joking] And a nerd.

Dallas: If you could have any super power, what would it be? [pointing to Sammy] Mr. Ligtning Boy.

    Sammy: Bionic eyesight, 'cause I'm blind as a bat.
    DC:I would like to be able to fly. That way, I wouldn't have to ride in a plane because I hate flying in planes.

DC: Hello, and welcome to Interviews by DC. I'm your host, DC. So, why did you choose Youngstown as your name?

    Sammy: That's [Youngstown, Ohio] where we all met as a group and started Youngstown.

DC: Do you remember any names that you almost used before you chose Youngstown?

    Sammy: Platinum was the first.
    DC: Secret Service.
    Dallas: B-4-5.
    DC: Silhouette.
    Dallas: Sweet4J.
    DC: Three White Guys with a Lot of Names.
    Dallas: A Lighter Shade of Who.
    DC: No way! No, we never had that. Forget it.
    Dallas: Boy Scout.
    DC: Boy Scout was not even an option.
    Dallas: Rising Sun was an old one.
    DC: That was a good one.

DC: Are you treated differently when you go home now?

    Dallas: Yeah, your family treats you different. They're really proud, but...
    Sammy: Overwhelmed.

DC: Sammy, tell me about your first drum set.

    Sammy: At the age of four, my parents got me my firsy drum set - a little Muppet Babies drum set. I was in the backyard just wailing on the drums, breaking them! So every yeah I would get a new drum set.

DC: Do all of you write the songs?

    Dallas: Yes, we do. We love to. I like to produce, I think, more than I like writing.
    Sammy: Definitely. Love it.

DC: Do you guys get along when you write songs or do you fight?

    Dallas: We get along very well. Writing is easy for us. It's actually when we all kind of agree on something.

DC: What is your favorite song on your debut album, "Let's Roll"?

    Sammy and Dallas: "Pedal to the Steel."

DC: How did you guys hook up with Kel Mitchell for "Pedal to the Steel"?

    Dallas: One of the producers asked him to come in and rap on the album. And we thought it would be a great move, so we did it.
    Sammy: It was really cool. He's a really funny guy, and a real comedian, on and off stage. He's a great person to work with. He's awesome.
    Dallas: A great guy.
    Sammy: Thank you, Kel.

DC: What's "Pedal to the Steel" about?

    Dallas: "Pedal to the Steel" is a song about fun. It's a song you can bump in your car while you're cruising in your city on Friday nights.

DC: Who else would you like to collaborate with?

    Sammy: Michael Jackson.
    Dallas: I want to do a song with Kid Rock.

DC: And whom would you like to tour with?

    Dallas: I would like to do a monster tour. I'd like to get all the boy bands together and do a tour around the world.

Sammy: So how did you guys get the song "Inspector Gadget"?

    Dallas: The song was given to us by a man from Hollywood Recods. We liked it. At the time, they said it was for the soundtrack, but it turned out to be the title song and it's a blessing.

Sammy: What was your favorite part in "Inspector Gadget"?

    DC: My cameo. I had about 28 lines. I was a waiter but they cut my whole scene. That was my favorite part.
    Dallas: I have to say my favorite scene is the stand-off on the bridge where the good Gadget and the bad Gadget are fighting each other.

Sammy: If you were to say "Go go Gadget" which gadget would you want to come out of your body?

    Dallas and DC: Go go gadget, helicopter!

Sammy: What kind of spy would you most consider yourself like - James Bond, Inspector Gadget, or Austin Powers?

    DC: I would consider myself Austin Powers because I like to flex my mojo. Yeah, baby!
    Sammy: That was a good one, baby. I like that.
    Dallas: I would consider myself the James Bond type - sly, sneaky, but beautiful.
    Sammy: I would have to say James Bond as well. He likes to be in a tuxedo, he's real smooth. And all the real high-tech gadgets. I like that.