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Reasons Why Fans like Youngstown
    Since we (Shanen, Julie, & Chelsea) being the huge Youngstown fans that we are, decided that we would like to let people know why we like them & things that they do that we like. I like Ytown doesn't get enough credit for some of the things they do. They are so funny! So we put this section up to let them & other fans know what's so cool about Ytown. They deserve a section like this so here it is. It's been long overdue!!!

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Thank you!

1.) They all have a great sense of humor

2.) We like when Sammy pretends to fight those two little kids

3.) When DC is video taping, talking about Sammy  gaining weight, losing weight, & the whole in his head.

4.)They are talented singers (These aren't going in order obviously. This would be number 1)

5.) When Dallas messes up on the piano. You gotta admit it's cute.

6.) They sing the pirate song with Steps......LOL

7.) They dance so good. (When they dance with "those" background dancers!!! WOWIE!)

8.) We like how Sammy laughs while he's playing the drums

9.) Dallas's new blonde hair. It looks hot on him.

10.) Their smiles!!

11.) DC's dimples when he smirks (Shanen has  a thing for both! It's fate for her)

12.) Their eyes. They have amazing eyes. So pretty!

13.) When DC forgot what the question was! (during the disney concert)

14.) They treat their fans with respect & really appriciate everything anyone has done for them.

15.) They have style. The dress sooooooo good!

16.) WE ALL LIKE THE 'RAP' VERSION OF THE GADGET SONG!!!! (That's one of Shanen's fave. reasons)

17.)  Their live performances totally rock!

18.)  The way DC says 'Frick & Frack'

19.) Sammy is Latin! He's got soul! hee hee hee

20.) They still mow yards

21.) Fame hasn't gone to their heads (& it wont! Us fans wont let it)

22.) They don't do all the dancing all the time. They have dancers (Guys & Girls)

23.) Dallas's lower lip peircing! It looks tight!

24.) They always put the Lord before anything else

25.) They kiss some of their fans (Not THAT way!!!) (they kissed us!....hee hee hee)

26.) Their first CD "Let's Roll" kicks ass! Don't skip through any of the songs!

27.) Their tatoos are sooooo cool. DC's little angel one is cute. Have you seen Dallas' new one? The flames look so cool! We like that one!

28.) They care for the safety of their fans at their concerts.

29.) They have conversations with you when you get their autograph. They don't just sign it & then go to the next preson. They actually talk to you.....if you talk too!

30.) They way Dallas wiped away a girls tears when she was crying at the concert. What compassion!!!

31.) The way DC makes sure to wear lots of jewelry to give away at the concerts.....hee hee hee

Notice not even once did we say "They are sooooo Hot!" or "They're fine". We proved that their is more to them than just looking good. Ya, they are fine but there are way better reasons to like them than that. That's not original! LOL.  Besides, we hope you like them for better reasons than that too~!