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Obsession Signs
We recomend that if you have more than 2 of these problem that you check yourself in for some really big 12 step counseling program. Ha ha ha.  We don't recomend doing these either.

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1.) You go to their concerts & give dirty looks to the other girls that like "your man"

2.) Send them at least 10 letters & e-mails per day until they right you back (telling you to please stop)

3.) Run up your phone bill calling people in Africa with the Same last name as the boys

4.) Memorize the words to everything they say on the Disney concert

5.) Glue their tape into your tape player to remind yourself to never take it out.

6.) Kiss your posters of them (all 1,000,00 of them) before you go to bed or when no one is looking

7.) Talk about them so much, your friends don't even wanna go anywhere with you. (You know what, I'm going to take this one out. I'm not obsessed & I do this all the time.....except my friends don't ignore me. They do it too)

8.) Call yourself (or have others call you) Mrs. Dallas, Mrs. Yeager, or Mrs. Lopez  (how sad....hee hee hee)

9.) Play their songs so much your dog howls to the beat. (My (Shanen) dog does this one!!!. I'm sure Julie's cat does too!)

10.) Name your pets after them

11.) Find yourself saying "______ is mine" constantly

12.) Tell people that don't know your name to call you "Dallas, DC, Or Sammy"

13.) Call them David, James, or Samuel as if you really know them (this only applies to the people who really really don't know them)

14.) When searching for colleges to go to, you search for a college with the name 'Youngstown' in it.(& You'll actually find one. I (Shanen) was doing this before & I came upon Youngstown State University, OHIO...I'll post more info about it later)

15.) You claim to be a sibling of one of the guys....even if  he's is an only child....hintDChint. It's a joke between Angelz03 & I. We can't tell ya what happened. Maybe in the future.

 That's all we have for now.....Check back soon