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Okay, here's my (Shanen) funky dream that makes NO sense.

I had a dream recently that I was driving in my car (It was an ugly UGLY color green. It looked like puke) & then Ytown pulled up to me at a red light. They had a really nice NICE  car......(Don't remember what it was) but they decided to leave their car  in the middle of the street & climbed into mine.  We drove to my house & my grandmother was in the kitchen trying to bake beans & then the burner exploded & beans were stuck on the ceiling. We all just started laughing & my grandma started cussing at us & telling us to get out of her house & then she left. Then Dallas was raising my dog up over his head, letting it lick the beans off the ceiling. Dc grabbed my hand & took me into the laundry room..........Um & we..........(JUST KIDDING, that came later...Joke) & I decided I had to tell him a secret but he told me I couldn't tell him one before he told me one so he told me that he ate my carrots (I'm a veggitarian. maybe that's why?!) & I told him that 'I am pregnant'! he began yelling about How I cheated on him & then he said "wait, we never even had SEX!" then I said "I know. It just happens when we kiss. Meet your 3,284 other children" & he kissed me again & I became pregnant again. Weird huh?! A Very Stupid dream......LOL

RECENT DREAM (4-10-00)

I had a dream that I was going into some place to get my eye brow pierced (like I'm going to soon) & as soon I sat down, I started to worry. I was crying because I didn't really want to do it (But it was a dare from a friend. I always go through with my friends know that now. They all call me 'naked nympth''s an inside joke. ask me & I'll tell you about it) & Youngstown was in the room because Sammy was getting his pierced & DC was checking up on his to make sure it was doing okay. They sat down besides me & they were telling me I was going to be fine. The piercer guy came in right after I became calm & I began to worry again. Then they all said "Hold our hands, we'll help you" so DC kept me distracted by talking to me & Dallas took my mind off the pain by pinching my arm as the guy finished. I was like so happy. I thanked the guys & left the shop smiling.  ------Shanen

More coming soon......