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Wall of Fans
These are people who have sent us their names to post on the internet. They are having them posted to let everyone know that they are YOUNGSTOWN FANS!!! WooHoo. Bold names are names added as of this week.

If you would like your name added to this list of fans, send e-mail to:
Thank You! DC-ya.

Shanen Bellew        Julia Reed        Allie Padilla    Darci    
    Ashley Dunn (Shanen's Cousin)    Kandise Bond    Ashley Peterson
Julie Roesbery        Melissa Carpenter        Shannon Jones    Ronnie stanson
        Julie Stanford            Alexia Couderhouse        Staci Evernham
Chelsea Scales        Michael Paris        Lisa Gills    Geonie goldberg
        Patrick Ranger        Kristen Coene       Sarah Mara
Heidi & Jennifer Odom    Kayla stanford    Michael Johnson     stacey gergee
        Jamie Alhstrand        Stephannie Cox    Nancy Grahm
Melissa Jones        Ashley Strong    Genie Masters    Stephannie Berkman
        Amber Yedjar            Deanna Downs   Noele Shannon
Amanda Reed        Tanya calvador    Maria Booth
        Jamie Jean            Nicole Elijolious
Sabbz Barker        RJ waldren        Cayla Showbertson
        Lisa Mclaughlin        Stephen Stawson
Amber Thompson        Courtney Stevenson        Angela Balesteri
        Donald Murray        Emily Him        Dallas Leaderson
Tia Gonzalez            Andrew Dickson        Keira Jobs
        Jessica Preston            Shannon Markel
Christi Thompson (Shanen's Cousin)    Allison Holder    Jaqui King
    Dixie Conway    Willie Dimgen    Joshua smarts
Summber hedberg            Elizabeth Lawrence            Erika woodrow
    Nikki Thompkins    Yia L. Xiong        Marlon R.    Sherry McDonald
Nichole Knight    Malori Fitzgerald    Linda McCarty        Christy Strant

Don't forget to add your name!!!