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Thank You's
We would just like to say thank you to Youngstown for being such great role models to lots of people. They've inspired us to just full out be happy & enjoy ourselves! They are the nicest people we have EVER met. We had fun hanging out for a short time with you guys 3-23-00 in Hayward. Keep up the great work! Don't get TOO popular! (a bad thing for us street team members! HA!) Just kidding. Keep kickin' ass & don't let this fame go to your head. Try your hardest!

I (Shanen) says "I've been talking to Amy & we both decided we (Amy & I) would get Jen to help us & we would kick your asses if you forget about the YT street team.........EVER!"

Julie Says "I just wanna give a shout out to youngstown and the fans! Hello"

Thank You members of the YT Street Team. Thank you for making us feel like a part of your group. You all have been so great to us. When I (Shanen) first joined, I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to ask about DC's middle name but you have all taught me never to ask! (Joke)! if it weren't for you, I'd be truely lost in the ways of being such a great fan in promoting the guys! It means lots. I love ya all.  

Amy from the Street team, thanks for asking me to help you! You've been super cool. If you ever need help with anything & I do mean ANYTHING ever again, tell me! I'll be happy to help. I'll be helping you almost every month now :-). You've been so nice to me since the begining & I can't thank you enough. Don't let people get you down. I'll kick their asses if they do. I'm looking forward to meeting you one day. You're a great person as well as a great new friend of mine. HA! Talk to ya online soon.  Tell Jen I said hi, (even though she probably forgot about me.) You both kick ass & are funnier than hell!

Noele, even though I didn't get to meet you at the Youngstown concert in Hayward, & even though we've never talked personally, I would like to thank you for being such a sweet person. You are the leader of the street team  & that makes you the best fan our there. You don't act better than everyone else. You make people feel like they belong & that's what you did for me. Do you think this club will be out-grown? Will it get too big? It's up too you!!! From: Shanen Bellew (

YT Club 11 : You guys are the best! Thank you for being such great friends to me even though we've only met once. We have bonded so greatly. When we were outside, waiting for Youngstown for about 8 hours, we just clicked instantly. That's got to tell you something about us! LOL. When we got inside, we were still together! After the concert, I (Shanen)  have still kept in touch (or atleast tried too!). We will stick together until the end! Keep in touch!

Jen & Alicia, thanks for keeping in touch YT Club 11 girl! I was wondering what happened to you. I remember Alicia too! I feel guilty.... when I wrote you, I forgot her but I remember her now! You both are so nice. We should get together again. We got along so great because we both have the same intrests........Singing & Youngstown...LOL. Just kidding. I hope all is going well with your group D2D (I will be posting info about them ASAP). My group D*Votion is doing great. Keep the the great work guys!

Gina, thank you for staying in touch with me after the concert.  Wasn't it great? Ha! We gotta get 2gether some time soon! I had a blast hanging out with you, your sister, & the bus...stupid security kicked us out of the parking lot....ha ha ha. Bye Bye Bye....
PS> Where's the tape girl?

Thank You Dee Dee & Marty from Radio Disney! You guys helped out lots! If it weren't for you guys being so nice to us & understanding our situation, (Hayward: 3-23-00) we probably would've never met the guys so you mean lots to us. I'll send you guys the pictures we took of us together sometime soon okay? How can we contact you? Dee Dee & Marty, you guys are so cool! keep in touch!!!