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Ytown Concert Pictures
  Julie just got them developed!!!! They are semi-blurry! Don't be mad. When my scanner isn't spazing & stops doing a sh**ty job, I'll re-do them & blow them up for you! Hee hee hee. We even have pictures of us in there! Don't take these pictures please! They are copyrighted so don't take them. I'm also starting to re-scan all of my pictures because I forgot to sharpen them & they all came out crappy. As you can see, the first pic of Dc is clear though.....I just did that one! I also made this pic very HUGE because It's our favorite picture here at Generation Youngstown.
Generation Youngstown's Favorite Picture!! Dc is Shanen's fave. Julie took this one while I (Shanen) was talking to Sammy) Notice this picture is not blurry anymore. My scanner is working great & *reet* (means dumbass in my language) me has just found out about a new tool called sharpen!

Photo Number one: It's our new friends Gina & Jennifer
Photo Number Two: It's Youngstown Opening act. Forgive me! I forgot her name.

Photo Number One: No explanation needed for this picture!!! HA HA HA!
Photo Number Two: The were just walking around? Ha ha ha. NOT!

Photo Number One: I wish these pictures weren't so blurry! Damn Scanner!
Photo Number Two: This is Chelsea. After the concert, she changed her sign to 'Sammy Sang To Me"

Photo Number One: This Is Chelsea getting her sign autographed with me talking to DC.
Photo Number Two: It's Dallas! His butt is not that big! People have e-mailed me about this. It's his sound pack!

Photo Number One: We love this picture. He looks so good!
Photo Number Two: Here's Dallas & Sammy Taking a picture of the crowd!

Photo Number One: Ytown's Getting down!
Photo Number Two: Shanen took this picture of Dc's Butt.....
(Shanen's Note: It was an accident......wink wink. I know. I'm a pervert at heart! Hee hee hee. I've gotten so much good e-mail about this picture. People are saying "BLOW THIS PICTURE UP BIGGER!!!!" HA~!)

Photo Number One: WOWIE! Look how close he sang to us!
Photo Number Two: I wish you guys could see out photo photo's. They are clear & closer!

Photo Number One: We put this one so you can see how soft his hair looks.....hee hee hee.
Photo Number Two: Dc was born to sing!

Photo Number One: And Dance! Woo-Hoo!
Photo Number Two: Look How happy Sammy looks in this picture!

Photo Number One: Sing it DC! Woo-Woo!
Photo Number Two: This is Dee Dee From Radio Disney! We Love her sooooo much!

Photo Number One: This is their tour bus! It's HUGE!
Photo Number Two: Dallas really looks funny in this picture. He made a weird face for this picture.

Photo Number One: Hey! It's Julie. How pretty! & It's Dallas, her fave!
Photo Number Two: Here are the two Kodak Staff members who were totally cool & took pictures of the YT Club 11!

Photo Number One: He's singing to the beat & doing a great job! Go Dallas!
Photo Number Two: It's Shanen!!! She was going to mark up this picture & then put it on as a joke but she didn't. Sammy, I have a hole in my head too! LOL. I look like I'm on crack!

Photo Number One: This is Shanen talking to Dallas. She looks like she's crying but she's laughing. He was making her laugh while signing the autograph.
Photo Number Two: Sammy's live soulful singing made Chelsea like him even more than she already does!!!

Photo Number One: He was making the crowd melt as he sang a tune in this picture.
Photo Number Two: look at that smile! LOL

Photo Number One: Look how buff Sammy is!
Photo Number Two: All he has to do is open his mouth & it sounds beautiful! HA!