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Top Ten Lists
  Top ten things you can't help but notice in the Disney Concert Special.........

10.) When Dc forgets the question, there is more than one person interviewing them (You can here extra  voices...Maybe YT was a meet n greet or somethin' )
9.) The look on the girls dancers faces after they do the freaky dance (They look overly happy....HA!)
8.)  A girl had her arms out to hug Sammy but he just kept talking to someone else (He's so nice, he probably hugged her after he was done yacking)
7.) When one of them says "sorry" for going into the other room when they weren't supposed to, none of their mouths are moving.
6.) When the woman is talking to them about the eye glasses, her mouth isn't moving.
5.)  They are all kinda dancing their own paces & styles during the begining of the gadget song.
4.) They looked overly excited playing that game on the ship.......ha ha ha!
3.) The signs girls are raising for the guys (They can be quite funny..........)
2.)  Those guys that were dancing freakishly for Steps left when Youngstown came on.

1.)When Dc is talking about his video camera, his eyebrow piercing on the the opposite side it normally is....(He was probably looking in a mirror)

Top Tens that are coming soon........

Top ten things to do that will get you kicked out of a Youngstown concert
Top ten things NOT to say to YTown
Top ten things the fans like about seeing Youngstown Live.

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