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Updated stuff on this site
I (Shanen. Okay, this is the last time I write I & then Shanen. I'm the only one who updates & types everything on this site.) just made this section of the site. When ever I update or you're not sure, come here first to find out what has been updated........

5-26-00 New Updates:

Main Page

5-25-00 New Updates:

Updated Wall of Fans
Updated main page
Yahoo chat sponsered by is coming soon.......
Tour dates
About Us

5-5-00 New updates:

We have a new Co-founder/manager for this site. Please welcome Amy to Generation Youngstown
Main page

4- 29-00 New Updates:

Updated Wall of Fans
Updated main page....

4-24-00 New Updates:

Updated News
Main Page (Favorite Quote & thank you's...also updated under Easter sign)
Updated Thank You's

4-20-00 New Updates:

Added a way to contact Youngstown
Updated Quotes
Updated "song didications"

4-18-00-- New Updates:

Added a different sound to the main page
Updated "Thank You's"
Added News to the mail page

4-16-00-- New Updates:

Added sound to the main page
Top Ten lists added to "Fun Stuff"
Encounters added to "Fun Stuff"
Updated Obsession signs in "Fun Stuff"
Updated Dreams in "Fun Stuff"
Updated Contacts
Updated Shanen's Group

4-13-00 updates:

Updated Shanen's group
Added fun info to main page
Added D*Votion's link to main page