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What we think about Youngstown

Shanen's Opinion

I think all the guys of Y-town are sooooooo amazing. They vocalize so beautifully together. I have lots to say about them just now all of it is suitable for all ears (HA! In a good way. That's just how my mind works). They seem down to earth & they care about their fans. They care for animals too(example: Dallas & Sammy in the animal place). That makes me, the vegitarian animal lover, VERY VERY happy!!! Their first cd is the best. When I first heard it, i craved for more. I'm addicted. DC is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. We have lots in common & that's why he's my favorite. Like YAY!

Julie's Opinion

Youngstown is my favorite group because I love their music, dance moves & most importantly, "DALLAS!!!". Why is Dallas my favorite you ask? Honestly, I have no clue. He's just very sweet, cute & and just about everything else. Youngstown is a great group & has a great future ahead of them & I wish them the best! "Like Yay"

Chelsea's Opinion

My fave of the group is sammy. I always seem to be attracted to the shy, sweet, religous guys of the group. Also, His latino background doesn't hurt! Gentlemen are always welcome. My only request for change in the group is that he be given more "solos". I love bass singers & I love Youngstown! "Like Yay"

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